Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Berry land

We live in the land of blackberries. They grow around our neck of the woods, like weeds. For about 75% of the year, the kids complain about them... because of their "pokeys".  The other 25% of the time (in summer), we hardly complain about them, because they give us the sweetest treasures to munch on. This summer, was no different... except for the fact that the twins got to dig in, pick and enjoy the berries alongside us. Boy, did they enjoy it... there were days where they would come in from playing in the yard, with black/purple stains all over their faces and hands... they've figured out which are safe to eat, and which are not... which are ripe, and which are not...

I'm not certain how many colanders of berries were picked this year... but I do know that it was many.  We added them to our breakfasts, made fruit salads with them in it, drizzled them over our ice cream  and figured out a delicious cobbler recipe (gluten free). We will miss you sweet blackberries... until next year...

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Tuesday, September 04, 2018

1st day of Kindergarten

She got on the bus, so bravely... and I'm sitting here in denial, that my little Marley is already in Kindergarten. We've had a week (since school started for the other grades) to prepare for this moment... but, can a Mama's heart ever be prepared?

She woke up so excited to start the day, and requested a bowl of banana oatmeal. As I made her lunch, she peeked over to make sure I was packing her favorites (bologna, cheese and pickles) and approved of the cut strawberries on the side. She quickly packed up her bookbag, and wanted to head straight to the bus. That book bag... about 2 times the size of her...

"Mama, are you going to miss me most?"... she asked as I snapped some photos of her. "Yes my love, sooooo much, you have NO idea." I replied.... she started to look a little anxious waiting for the bus. "But you know what? I'm SO happy that the others in your class are going to have you in their class... they're really lucky... you're a great friend, helpful, so creative and beyond loving." She nodded in agreement and responded, "Ya... I am." Made me chuckle... it helped hold back the tears for a little while longer. We prayed over her day, we talked about how we make friends, and then she spotted the bus a mile away. You could tell all of a sudden a bunch of nerves came over her... and Charlotte grabbed her hand. "Charlotte, you get on first, and I'll follow you"... and that is what she did.

A million Mama tears have fallen since she got on that bus... and I'm sure a million more will fall until she's back home... but wow, I'm so proud of the sweet, fresh 5 year old Kindergartener that she is... and can't wait to see what's to come this year for her!

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Sunday, September 02, 2018

Seed Harvest

As sad as we are that summer will be leaving before we know it... we are coping by getting excited about next year's spring and summer. This is literally the only time this girl (points to self) ever "plans"... But planning with this stuff, looks a lot like dreaming... lots of dreaming of aisles upon aisles of flowers to plant and pick from... oh the colors and varieties and various heights we will experiment with. It's fun to see what works here... what grows well in the PNW. 

We grew a few sunflowers this year... not many, but a few. Not all of them have gone to seed yet... in fact we still have about 8 left that need to open up... but in the meantime, we plucked one head before the birds got to it. Finn was totally in it to win it. Give the boy a task (anything but cleaning) and he will get to it... he spent a good 5 minutes grabbing out those seeds to harvest. 

This year, our snapdragons reseeded themselves and grew beautifully... but to control where they grow, I decided to pick the seed pods at just the right time... oh how the littles have been completely fascinated by this process. Marley especially loves popping open the pods and seeing how many seeds come out. It's amazing... so many little pods on just one stalk. Is it a tedious process harvesting seeds? Yes yes, it totally can be... but it's so fascinating all at the same time. 

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

First Day of Grade 5

... and just like that, Charlotte began her last year in elementary school...

Fifth grade seems monumental... and here we are. She was so ready to head off to school this morning, and I just stood there, taking it all in, like I do every year... not really sure if I'm ready. But, I have to be... so I down my coffee, and I put on a smile... thank goodness, she's brave enough for the both of us.

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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Guest House weeks 5-8

The last few weeks on the guest house... have been slow going. The man power went down quite a bit... we had a set back when the rafters went up incorrectly, and then the smoke came in (air quality was poor from all the wildfires in BC), which halted progress for a few days as well. We were hoping for it to be wrapped and handed to us to take over by now... but that isn't the case. So, we patiently wait... and figure out what fixtures we need to purchase.

There have been trucks in and out of our house non stop over the last few weeks... The kids have gotten used to it, it's not as exciting for them anymore. There was someone, an older gentleman, here dropping off our French doors not too long ago. While he was backing up his huge truck through our yard to the guest house, Finn was sitting and watching him closely. He gave a wave to Finn... and Finn tossed his thumbs up and exclaimed,"You're doing a good job... keep going... just don't run over Mama's flowers... she'll be angry if you do that." The gentleman shook his head in agreement, and replied with a, "yes boss." It was one of those moments where I just sat for the next few minutes chuckling to myself... these sweet little interactions the littles have with these workers... they're precious.

Let's see what the next few weeks bring... 

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