Friday, July 25, 2014

A Force

Whatever Marley sees Charlotte do... Marley wants to do... just like a typical, "monkey see, monkey do". She's 1 now... but she acts SO much older than she is... mixed with her independence and stubbornness... and we have a force not to reckon with. I suppose that's what happens when you have a sibling nearly 6 years older.

Marley flashes those sweet little big blue eyes at me...

and up she goes on the trampoline... 

she screams at Charlotte... to get Charlotte to jump... so that she can bounce high... but the deal is, according to Charlotte, "I can't jump you, unless you wear a crown..." The rule has been made... and Marley complies... so long as Charlotte jumps her. 

To get her off the trampoline... always ends in tears... she loves it way too much... but I have to cut it off somewhere... after all, the last thing I need is her "trying" to climb this rope like her big sister... 

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Zooing It.

One of the things we did for Marley's birthday (but usually seems to be a weekly/bi-weekly occurrence) is head to the zoo... We haven't taken a real "family vacation" this year... but with another little one on the way, a Daddy who's gone for work A LOT, a mini van that needs to happen, etc... our passes to the Science Museum and Zoo have come a LONG way. Last week during Marley's birthday, the temps went down dramatically... from the 100's, to the 70's... Charlotte even asked if she could wear a sweater... we knew it was the perfect time to make our way back to the zoo... because no one likes to be there when the temps are crazy high... not to mention, the animals hide when the temps are beastly. We even spotted the newest addition to the zoo, Rupert the Rhino... who turned 1 month old the day we were there.

We spent a few hours, and pretty much saw every single animal that we wanted to see, plus some. And ended the day doing what Marley loves best... hearing Daddy's voice on the phone and swinging.

You know it's a GREAT day, when you close up the zoo... I think they're always chasing us out of there.
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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Turning 1...

... when your baby turns 1, it's a big deal. You feel like you've come SO FAR... and they've grown SO MUCH... and it is a big deal... we celebrated Marley all weekend, because I just don't have the energy right now to do it all at once. Her actual birthday, ending up being a "wash out"... we had torrential downpours and cold temperatures, and so we snuggled the day away. The next day, we made our way to the zoo, one of her favorite places. She got to see her favorite animals, and even ended the day with some swinging in the park area. We ended the weekend with a traditional cake smash... there was no doubt in mind that she wouldn't love that... and I sure was right. Daddy has been gone for 2 weeks with work, with 1 more week to go, and so we REALLY needed to document the cupcake part for him (especially). But it'll be so great to look back on these photos when she's older, and see that she had absolutely NO fear of getting herself messy... LOVED her cupcake... and absolutely ADORED the attention (especially when we sang "happy birthday" to her).

... for her birthday, we picked up a couple simple toys for her on our trip down at IKEA... one of them being this darling little wagon... it's awesome. You can adjust the speed that it goes, so it aids in learning how to walk. We filled it with her very favorite things (blanket, monkey, princess and zoo animal toys)... and she just loves it. 

We picked up some cupcakes from one of our favorite shops... and let her go to town... 

the best part... Charlotte wanted to take a picture with the birthday girl, and Marley just EYED down her chocolate cupcake... and wouldn't let her get away without tasting some of hers. We might have another chocolate fan, over vanilla, in this household. 

It was such a simple and sweet celebration... but exactly the perfect way to celebrate our Marley Wren... just wish that Daddy was here... 
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dear Marley Wren { 12 months }

Dear Marley Wren...

Sweet sweet girl, how has it been 1 year since we laid eyes on you, and held you in our arms for the first time? When Mommy laid you down in your crib last night, she just sat and watched, as you closed your eyes to bed... and just can't believe how FAR we've come. SO many milestones, so much character... you are one awesome little girl, and we are so proud to call you ours.

We celebrate you today... but we also celebrate that WE (Mommy and Daddy) made it to this 1 year milestone with you... 1 year of parenting you... and so many more years to come. You've taught us so many things that your sister hasn't.... and we thank you for that (even though we definitely might have huffed and puffed under our breaths as it was happening)... main thing, being an appreciation for sleep. 

You are such a little free spirit... filled with so much love, and so much energy to explore the world. Recently, you've definitely become quite attached to Mommy... but when you get going on your own, you could play for hours by yourself or with your sister. You are as independent, as independent comes. You are stubborn, especially when you're using your "one track mind"... there's no stopping you. In fact, it's scary at times, but we also know that we have to sit back, and watch you learn and make mistakes of your own, at times (don't worry, we always keep you safe). We call you the modern day, female version of Houdini... you can get out of any buckle... whether you wiggle, or will your sister to help you. Just the other day, Mommy turned around and saw you standing up in your highchair... the latch was as tight as could be when she put you in... but you figured out how to squeeze your legs in order to get up on your own. We laugh at it, and shake our heads at it... we're not quite sure how to handle this new part of you. We think you're just giving us a taste of what's to come, especially in this upcoming year.

You have added more words to your vocabulary, you're nearly walking, and you LOVE playing peek-a-boo. You eat everything we eat, in fact, if we don't give you something that's on our plate, but not on yours... you get angry. You still won't drink out of anything other than a bottle... and that's the stubborn side of you for sure. We try and try, but you always push back any sippy cup (the collection of different kinds that we've tried, is getting large). You sleep through the night (thank you for that)... and have 6 teeth total... 4 up top, 2 below. You love to be outside... in fact, your favorite thing is when we tell you that we're going "bye bye outside"... you smile so big, and attempt to repeat those exact words. The garden is your happy place, just like Mommy... you could eat all the strawberries that she picks in an evening... and have. You just lick your lips and giggle at the fact that you're covered from head to toe in strawberry juice, most of the time. Thankfully, garden duty is before bath time.

You are your sister's biggest fan... and something tells me that you will be, your brother's biggest fan. You are meant to be a big sister... no doubt at all. You are strong, and we know you'll be the one to stand up to him. He'll need that...

Marley, continue loving life sweet girl... continue being you... the one we love so dearly.

We love you,
Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte and baby brother
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