Wednesday, May 20, 2015

School's Out...

Oh, the sweetest feeling... to know that school is out for the summer. Some dread it... but for me, it's bliss... a little bit of "me" time, instead of teaching Charlotte. For Charlotte, well, now her ENTIRE day will be filled with "play" instead of just a few hours. We'll still continue to nature journal, and write her penpal... but for now, it's my honor to say, that I have a second grader on my hands... where has the time gone?

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Sisters, Sidewalk Chalk, Sweet Little Tails

We only have a few days left until our neighborhood pool/splash pad open... so we have tons of time to occupy until swimming takes over our days. I think we go through a box of sidewalk chalk... a week. There are usually pictures EVERYWHERE on our driveway... porches... or they chalk up themselves. For me, it's so sweet to watch. I love seeing what they create, or how well they draw together (it's the one time they're not fighting over something), or sometimes I just like the view of the little pigtails and pony tails...

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

On The Move

On Mother's Day, Finn decided he'd try to crawl for the very first time... and each day since, he's done more and more than the day before. This kid has the CUTEST crawl (really, photos don't do it justice). It's a wounded soldier, leg drag sort of crawl... but it gets him exactly where he wants to go. He's on the move... my baby, is on the move... and it makes him seem SO old and independent. He doesn't want to sit in my lap so much anymore, he doesn't want to be held so much anymore... he just wants to be on the move.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

I want to remember...

I decided a few days ago, that lists... well, to do lists are just being thrown out the window. I can't handle them anymore. You know, you cross one thing off, and add two more things. They are started on one paper and then you can't find that paper, so you start another on a different sheet of paper... and then you find your old list... and so the vicious cycle continues, until you have five lists in front of you, instead of just one. I've started compartmentalizing... I do what NEEDS to be done, and toss all the other stuff out. There's absolutely no reason for me to feel terrible about not getting something done... there's too much playing to be had with my littles, and that takes full priority. I'd rather look back on my day remembering that I pushed the kids on their swing/rope swing, and laughed over the fact that Finn ate dirt (and seemed to like the taste)/. I want to remember the smell of the kids after playing outside all day, and how knotty their hair was. I want to remember all the dirt stains that accumulated over time, that each wash couldn't get rid of. I want to remember all the strawberries that never made it inside, because we were too busy picking and eating right then and there in the garden. I want to remember how dirty the tub water was... the dirtier, the better the day.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Savoring The Sunlight

Day after day I check the weather channel app on my phone and I see rain after rain after rain in our forecast. We've had a TON of rain, to say the least... Warnings of flash flooding, tornados, thunderstorms, hail and rain. The craziest Spring that I've ever seen. Amounts of water that have fallen, that haven't fallen in over 100 years (or so they say). There haven't been too many moments of sunshine in between, but when there was, you betcha' we were outside.... savoring that sweet sunlight.

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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Dear Finn Mostyn { 9 months }

Dear Finn Mostyn,

9 months... just like that, you hit 9 months. It feels like just the other day you were born... and yet you're 9 months already. What a treasure you are to us... we honestly, couldn't even imagine life without your little self in it... without those noises you make, and all that mess you create...

This month was the month that you hit, where you don't really want to lie down AT ALL anymore, unless you're headed to bed. You want to be upright sitting or standing at all times. You reach for this toy or that toy... and everything is going in your mouth. It was tough to photograph you for this month's blog post, mainly because you wanted to sit up, instead of lie down (oh, and it was terribly rainy outside, so they aren't the brightest of photos). You are SO determined to figure out this whole crawling thing. So very close. You can get up on your 4's, but then you have no idea what to do. We try and give you pointers, demonstrate on the ground, and encourage you with tons of applause... but nothing seems to motivate you. We dangle food in front of you, new toys that you haven't seen before... but you just aren't moving... you freeze in place, and then move backwards into sitting position. You are butt scooting, especially on the hardwood floor and outside on the concrete. You get stuck on carpet though. And when you get stuck, you let everyone know.

This month, you've pretty much started eating table foods alongside us. You don't mind jars of food... but you much prefer to eat whatever it is that we're eating. You LOVE spaghetti with sauce... you're definitely Mommy's son. You still enjoy avocado and bananas for breakfast (1 whole each, mashed up together), usually a yogurt with some sort of fruit (grapes or blueberries) for lunch, and then some sweet potatoes for dinner along with whatever we might be eating. You're not picky at all about what you're eating. We don't have to worry about any texture issues or what not, with you. For that, we are forever grateful. 

You're really loving when Daddy flips you all over the place, and tosses you... something you were nervous about for so long. You smile whenever he walks in through the door. It's so wonderful seeing you two bond now that he's back home. 

You're a HUGE fan of stroller rides. You hardly ever make a peep when we're out and about either going on a daily walk or during Mommy's jog/walk. We pack some toys for you to hold throughout the ride... but you tend to just enjoy looking around. Doesn't surprise us though, being that you've always loved it outside. Something about it, it calms you down. 

No new teeth... but you're DEFINITELY working on those top ones. So much drool over the last few days, and fever as well.... and just crabbiness. You're definitely not the friendliest when you're teething. Hopefully they'll cut soon. 

You're pretty much doing awesome at sleeping... you're napping two times a day (most days, unless we are out during your nap time)... 2 hours in the morning, and 2 hours in the afternoon. You are going to bed around 8-8:30... and sleeping most of the night... usually only waking once to nurse. Mommy's pretty happy about that. She's starting to play catch up on all the sleep you've deprived her of. 

You are such a smiley little man... especially to those sisters of yours. You just squeal with delight whenever they're around you. You just want to be with them, wherever they are... and smile with whatever they make you do, even if it is playing "dress up". You're such a good sport.

You are so loved, so so loved...

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte and Marley

 (We don't have too many photos of you being sad, so we had to include this little outtake... your pouty lips are just too precious.) 

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