Thursday, April 27, 2017

A New Look

It was during our anatomy scan with the twins, where we were introduced to the fact that Josephine had a cleft... Everything was looking good and measuring well. Hearts had all 4 chambers, blood was pumping... all the boxes were being "checked off". At the end our ultrasound tech told us to sit tight, and that the doctor would be in the room soon... It was normal to have the doctor come in and verify everything, so nothing was really out of the ordinary. When he came in, he pulled out the gel and started to peek around low, at Baby A... he kept trying to get a better look at her face, and for that I took notice. He wasn't counting fingers, or measuring kidneys or looking at the width of her tummy... he went straight to her nose/lip area, to get a better look. As soon as I he saw what he needed to see, he turned the machine off, and sat me up. "So it looks like Baby A has a cleft of some sorts."

He paused for awhile... waiting for me to process his words. He then asked me if I was going to cry or if I needed a moment. I shook my head, that I was alright. He explained how common clefts were, that it was the 2nd highest form of birth defect (heart murmurs being the first). He explained that she had a cleft lip on her left side, but that he wasn't sure if it included her palate or not. He also wasn't sure if it was a complete or incomplete cleft (if it extended up into the nose or not). It was really too early to see those things, but was completely amazed that the tech was able to spot the cleft lip so well. He paused, asked again if I needed some time to process/cry. I looked at him, and the only thing I could think about was asking him if my baby would be able to eat/breastfeed like her sister would be able to. He shook his head and smiled, "Well of course she'll be able to, I just can't believe you're not crying right now. So many people come in here, hoping/expecting for a perfect little child..." I stopped him... "No child is perfect, I know this... we all have something. This is number 4 and number 5... not my first child... and you have no idea the amount of obstacles we had to overcome with my first child that we adopted." There was this look of relief on his face...

To be honest, over the next few days, I was processing this news... researching, praying, trying not to feel guilt as though it was something I did to cause this. There was so much unknown about the extent of her cleft, and that was the hardest part about it. There's only so much that an ultrasound can show you. We had one more scan before we left Oklahoma and moved to Washington, and during that scan, Baby A was turned around so there was no way of getting a good peek of her lip. It was here in Washington, at Madigan Army Medical Center that I sat down with a specialist after an ultrasound. During my scan, Baby A had her mouth open sucking and blowing bubbles, so it was easy for her to see that the palate looked to be "in tact"... from the picture she printed, it looked like her lip had a ripple in it. She shared with me about the support that the hospital would set me up with after delivery... that they would refer us to Children's in Seattle because they have the most AMAZING cranio-facial surgical team in all the lands. Researching continued, and I was completely blown away by the before and after photos. I was connected with other moms, that had experienced this whole "cleft" thing... and they continue to be such a treasure to me. 

Out came Baby A on October 4, 2016... my sweet Josephine Lane. I had about 1 hour with her before I pushed her sister out... She was SO awake, looking at me as I snuggled her in my arms, she was the BEST distraction for the contractions that were picking up. Her eyes were what drew me in when I first looked at her, not her perfectly imperfect lip. Once they cleaned her all up and sucked all of her gunk out, they confirmed that indeed, her palate was fine, and that her lip was an incomplete lip (meaning, the cleft didn't extend into her nose). Days later, we had numerous visits with doctors and specialists... she learned how to breastfeed and we were told that she'd have surgery around the age of 4-6 months... we even met with the entire team that was going to create this "new look" for her. 

February 24, 2017 was the day... We were given the date in January, and prepared our minds and hearts for this surgery. The doctor called it a "simple fix"... but in my mind, how could it be so simple when my little baby was going under anesthesia? The procedure was to take 2.5-3 hours long... and we'd be in the hospital at least 24 hours + for recovery. We were extremely thankful for my mother in law who so graciously gave up some of her time from work to come out to Washington to be with the other kids at home. 

I spent a few days before surgery, just soaking in all of that little lip... I took videos, photographs, and just smooched the crap out of it. It's the face that I fell in love with, how she was created in my womb...

The morning of surgery, Josephine had her last nursing session at 5:30 am, and then had some formula at 7 to help stuff her tummy, so that she could hang tight until her surgery around noon. Keeping her content and happy before surgery was filled with lots of holding and walking around and bouncing… and right at noon, the nurse stole her from our arms to take her back for surgery. Her faithful brown bunny was allowed to head back with her. We received a pager… that would beep when the surgery started/ended or if there was any complication(s) in between. We roamed the hallways of the hospital, ate lunch in the courtyard, and made our way back inside to patiently wait for news.

Just about 2.5 hours later, we received word that the surgery ended and all went well… and we were to sit tight for the surgeon to come out to share details with us. We waited nearly an hour for him… but when he walked in, he greeted us with a huge smile. “All went perfectly, it was a simple fix… it was all there, we just needed to put it back into place.” … This guy was just about as cocky as plastic surgeons come, but… I think if I wanted anyone to be confident in their abilities, it would be a surgeon. He said that it looked beautiful, and that he had to straighten her septum in the nose as well, and built up cartilage. Hopeful that we will only need a little cosmetic surgery down the road, but otherwise, there wasn’t a need for anymore surgeries. I made my way back to see Jo, while my husband stayed with Mable… she wasn’t awake yet, but they were hopeful that my voice might help get her out of the groggy drug sedated sleep she was in. Seeing her for the first time, was something I was told to “brace myself” over… it’s like seeing someone for the first time. When they handed her to me, tears flowed… my sweet little baby’s lip was gone, and there was a whole new face to fall in love with.

We had a rough night… we learned how to manage her pain, how to clean out her incision, tons of comfort feedings, and sleeplessness. But the next morning, they were ready to let us go… she had fed enough, to pee enough, and everything was looking good. They were confident that healing would be best at home from that point on. SO thankful for that decision.

They removed her stitches a week later, and she’s been learning how to make all of her sounds, blurps, etc. all over again. Thankful that she was able to get off of pain meds within a few days… she still is a little frightened by anything that comes near her face. Hopefully, over time, she’ll let me kiss that new little lip of hers, because I’m completely smitten with her new look.
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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Dear Josephine and Mable { 6 months }

Dear Josephine and Mable,

You're 1/2 a year old... wow. If these 6 months flew, I can't even begin to tell you how emotional I get thinking about the fact that you two will be 1 before we know it!

This month brought on so much developmental change for the two of you. There was lots of rolling around... but somehow, you're still struggling going from your back to your belly. Belly to back is no problem at all. In fact, because you despise tummy time so much, you often just flop to your back just so you don't have to lay on your belly... only to start rolling from side to side. You two both do this funny inch worm kick on your backs to move closer to things you want, or each other. It's super cute. Josey figured it out first, but Mable, you mastered it just days later.

You both love playing after you eat. Whether it's with your toys or your feet... you can be fully engaged for at least 30 minutes to an hour, before you want a change of scenery. Josey, your favorite toys are anything that are furry... you just adore the animal puppets that your brother and sisters give you to hold/grab. Another thing you love, is Runyan, our cat. Anytime he's near, your hands go out to grab him/pet him/feel his fur. You smile and giggle, and just love him. Mable your favorite toy seems to be anything that makes a crunching sound. You grab for the blocks that make that chip bag crackling sound... and love it. You also love to grab at Josey's hands... and anytime your feet are exposed, you reach for them.

You two are really starting to grow like crazy. It feels like you're getting heavier (but we'll find out the scale weight at the end of this month at your check up) and you're definitely getting longer, because you fit in 6-9 month close easily. Josephine, you're in a size 4 diaper, thanks to your bootylicious hind quarters... but Mable, you're still in a solid size 3 diaper. Mommy can still carry the two of you at the same time, but it's starting to get a little heavy.

When you're not playing, you're sitting up in your Bumbo seats, watching everyone move around you. You love when we have dance parties, because everyone is moving at the same time... your eyes just go back and forth taking everything in. You both love when we reach for your hands to clap along with a song, or move your arms to the rhythm of the music. It won't be long, and you two will be dancing with us.

Josephine... our bright eyed little baby... you spent most of this month figuring out that new lip of yours. We've finally gotten so used to your look, that Charlotte asked to see a picture of you with the way your lip was. She completely forgot the little ripple that it was. You're super nervous to try out solid foods... anything that comes near your face, you flinch at... probably because of all the cleaning we had to do on your incision. We're slowly trying to get you used to things touching that part of your lip... you don't mind when it's Mommy's fingers... and you're starting to finally let her kiss you on that part of your lip. Today, was the first day you let us feed you a little mush bananas, because we used our finger, instead of the soft spoon. You are waking up to eat in the middle of the night again, and then you want to talk yourself back to sleep (which usually wakes up your sister). You also have this pterodactyl screech... it's your way of jabbing and conversing... so long are the days of that cute coo you used to have. That screech though, sounds JUST like your sister Marley's when she was your age.

Mable... our tiny but fierce little peanut... you are just the sweetest little observer. We've never had a baby that noticed their surroundings as much as you do. You watch SO much... and when it's quiet, that's when you pipe up with your sweet voice. You love food... you figured it out before your sister, that it's super delicious. We've only tried out some avocados, bananas and oatmeal... and so far, you favor the bland oatmeal best. Hoping to try sweet potatoes soon... that was always a favorite for Marley and Finn at this age. You are still sleeping through the night, and that makes us just have complete heart eyes for you. Don't catch on to what your sister does... you're doing fabulous in the sleeping department. What you really love most, is when Marley pays attention to you... you love when she comes super close to your face, so you can grab her hair... she totally lets you too, without complaining too much.

We've been taking more walks this last month in the stroller, and trips to the beach. Most of the time, you sleep that time away (because it's during nap time)... but sometimes you're both awake. You both love the breeze at the beach... you hold your breath every time it hits your face. We are so excited for you two to adventure with us... you'll be old enough before we know it.

This month was the first time we've been plagued with the worst illness in the history of EVER. It pretty much destroyed our entire family... even though Mommy didn't get it, she was up with every one when they were sick. You two both had this bark like cough and the worst runny nose ever. The doctor diagnosed it as bronchiolitis/RSV, and sent us home with a nebulizer to give you breathing treatments. Mable, you were able to get through the worst of it in 3-4 days, but Josey, yours didn't improve... we had to bring you back to the doctor, and it turned out that you had an ear infection. You went on antibiotics, and within 24 hours, you were back to your joyful self again. That week and half, to almost 2 weeks of sickness, pretty much crushed us... Daddy and Mommy have declared it as one of the hardest times since they've been parents. We've had a sick baby before... but two... whew, that's a whole new ball game.

You two bring us so much joy... You're the topic of most of our conversations, and almost everyone in this house drops what they're doing, just to hang with you. Your brother and sisters just love interacting with you more and more each day. It's because you're finally "playing" with them. They want to show you off to their friends too, which is absolutely precious... Marley refers to you both as "my twins."

You two, totally complete our family... we love you dearly,

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte, Marley and Finn.

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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Dear Josephine and Mable { 5 months }

Dear Josephine and Mable,

This last month flew by like no other. It didn't help that February only has 28 days in the month... or that we had a million and one things on our "to do" list. You were 4 months one day, I blinked, and then you were 5 months... slow down time.

You two have been figuring out lots... you can roll from tummy to back (but not reverse yet), you can sit up in your bumbo seats all by yourselves, you are cooing like crazy, and know when Mommy leaves the room (the wails begin). You two love to be near one another... and stare/smile at one another. Mable, you especially love to watch Josey, like a hawk.

Both of you are still nursing like champs, but are also taking bottles like champs. It's great! Since you've been so great at taking the bottle, Mommy has had the freedom of being able to start back up with exercising. She goes to bootcamp 3x a week... and runs every other day. It's been great for her energy level... and she's going to need a lot of energy to be able to keep up with you two when you start moving.

This month was filled with loads of doctors appointments. You finally had your 4 month check up... both are doing great at growing, even though it's on the smaller end. You two are probably more "petit" like your sister Marley, than burly like your brother Finn. Josephine, you had a pre-op appointment up in Seattle for your cleft lip surgery,  then we had surgery (with an over night stay) at Seattle Children's Hospital and then one last trip up to remove your sutures.  whew. I think we are ALL ready for some rest in this house... and a little more routine again.

Everything is going in the mouth... fists, each other's hands, toys, blankets, etc. We think teeth are on the horizon... but we're not quite ready for that. Solid food sampling is just around the corner too, but it's crazy to think that you're already that old. You two both prefer to sit up, rather than lay... when we lay you down, you try and sit up on your own... I'd give it another month, and you should be sitting on your own, with no problem.

Jo, your feet are ginormous. They are little flippers. But they're so cute, and you giggle when we tickle them or kiss them. You giggle a lot. You love smooches in your neck folds, and blurps on your belly. Your laugh is contagious... and you talk to just about anyone that'll listen to you, including the cat and stuffed animals. You are one brave lady, and this month really proved that to us.

We checked you in for surgery on the 24th of February... you had no idea what was about to happen to you. But off you went, with a stranger, and didn't even cry... full of smiles. You woke up, to pain and hunger... and a "new to you" lip. You were determined to eat, so you ate. You were determined to play, so you kicked a little before you gave in to the pain meds. You were determined to rest when your body needed it, so you gave in to the snuggles. You were determined to get back home, and we left 24 hours post surgery. We knew how strong you'd be... but you showed us even more than we even imagined. We had some sweet moments before your surgery, smooching you on your little imperfect lip... but we are digging this new lip of yours, and we think you are too. Your tongue keeps on touching the spot where there used to be a gap, and you're re-learning how to smile. That little part of you has changed, but your eyes still have that shine like they always did.

May... your feet are as tiny and petit, but fit you all too well. Even though you've slowly been gaining weight, you're still the tiniest. That doesn't stop you though... you roll around and sit up and play like the best of them. You my dear are constantly observing. You watch, and take everything in... including when we talk to you. You are already understand the flow of conversation. Mommy talks, and when she stops, you talk back... it's the sweetest. You seem to have a tender heart... when your sister cried out of pain while we were in the hospital, you quickly piped up. When she complains because she's tired, it doesn't phase you... but when she cried out pain, it completely tore you up.

You, just like your sister, love to be tickled... your giggle comes right out. You think belly kisses are so funny. You also have more of a chuckle than a giggle, which is hilarious. As quiet as you are most of the time, you still know how to pipe up when you need something. When you need something, you NEED something...

Something tells me these next few months are just going to keep getting sweeter and sweeter. You two have such a strong presence in this house. Not one person can walk by you without stopping to smooch your cheeks, or play with you. The noise that you bring to this house, is a joyful one... Your brother and sisters are LOUD, and you just love it... you think it's great. It doesn't scare you, or shock you... it makes you smile or sleep... it's amazing.

You two, totally complete our family... we love you dearly,

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte, Marley and Finn.

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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Dear Josephine and Mable { 4 months }

Dear Josephine and Mable,

4 months... 1/3 of your first year of life has already flown by... I'm pretty positive the next few months will come and go just as quickly (but we don't want to talk about that)... They say "time flies when you're having fun..." I'd have to say that it describes the last few months perfectly. Difficult, yes.... but oh so fun.

Mommy's camera broke this month, because of a careless thing she did (she left it in Daddy's truck bed while helping Marley ride her bike...forgot that it was there, and it rained and pouredThis last month you two have stayed awake SO much more than you have in past months. You're taking everything in, observing, tracking, paying attention to your surroundings... You two love laying side by side one another. You play so sweetly laying on your backs... and occasionally look over at one another. Mable, you noticed Josey a long time ago... but this was the first month where Josey started to pay attention to you. She usually is so occupied playing, that she completely tunes you out. But now, she senses you, looks over at you, and then carries on with playing. You two kick your feet around like crazy... you could probably march across the United States if your steps counted for something. Mable, you roll from side to side... and Josey you kick so hard that you move your body up or down. You definitely get your energies out, because when it's time to nap or go to sleep for the night, you two are completely tuckered out.

You both are sleeping through the night (for the most part). You go to bed between 7:30-8:30, and wake up close to around that time. Sometimes you wake up for a quick feed around 3 or 4 am, but you go right back to sleep. It's a glorious thing. We've only had a handful of nights where you two have tag teamed against Mommy. Those nights make her feel like an 80 year old woman the next day, so we are beyond thankful to you for not doing that all the time, and only during growth spurts. We're starting to create more of a nap time and night time routine, which helps give you two cues as to what's about to happen... and usually you don't fight sleep at all.  We're pretty excited to move you into your own room sometime at the end of this month, or beginning of next month.

Josephine, our sweet Josey Jo... you darling have really started to chunk up this month. Tomorrow we head to the doctor for your 4 month check up/vaccines, and we're excited to hear how much you've grown. This is a BIG month for you... it's the month where we will head up to Seattle for your pre-op appointment (to make sure everything is in place and ready) and for your surgery. We're trying to take in all the last few memories that we can, with your face having that sweet little perfectly imperfect lip. You have the sweetest smile... a smirk really. You've figured out how to blow bubbles through your cleft. It's hilarious... seriously, one of the cutest things we've seen. We've embraced that little lip of yours. It's going to be strange seeing you with something different. This time next month, your photo will have your new lip with stitches, bruises and gunk... We've been preparing your sister and brother with the news of this surgery. They are not excited about the idea of you having stitches, and that you're going to be "cut"... Marley especially says she wants your lip to stay "broken"... she doesn't want to see you in pain or sad.

Mable, our Mabey Mabe... we've finally figured out your problems with spitting up! After taking you to the doctor, and not seeing a HUGE growth from the last weigh in, the doctor recommended putting you on Zantac for your reflux (to see if that made a change)... and boy did it. In one week, you gained 8 oz! Your appetite also went up. You've never been cranky/crabby... so we didn't think it was a big deal, but apparently the idea of spit ups looking like volcanic eruptions, is cause that something is up. You're our one and only baby to ever deal with this issue. You still spit up, a little here and there... but it's NOTHING compared to the amounts that used to come out of you. You're still a peanut, but I think you're just supposed to be our tiny one. We will see how things are going when we head to the doctor's tomorrow for your 4 month check up. Mable, you laughed and giggled before your sister did. It's the cutest, and it has been documented... we NEVER want to forget that sound. Your sister finally giggled the day after you. It takes a lot more energy to get her to laugh, than it does getting you to laugh. You love to be ticked around your neck folds or chest... it's the sweetest.

This month is a short one, so we are certain it'll pass quickly... but don't grow up too much. We keep wishing for you to be big enough to sit on your own, eat on your own, be out of diapers, or dress yourself, etc.... but really, we are soaking in the now... because we know those days will come eventually. We love seeing how much you two enjoy each other... we're starting to catch on and understand the whole, "it's a twin thing" phrase... and  have a feeling that it'll make even more and more sense the older you two get.

We can't get over how much Charlotte, Marley and Finn love you two. We knew they would... but man, not a day passes where you don't get smooched on x100. When you cry out at all, or make a little peep, Marley comes running in wanting to help you however she can. Charlotte rocks you so sweetly in her arms. Finn likes to show you all his animals. They each have their ways of loving on you. Both of you smile at them all day long. You love when they show you any bit of attention.

You two are quite the "hit" when we are out and about. People love stopping us to know all about you. They keep asking Mommy if she's had two sets of twins, because your brother and sister Marley are so close in age and looks... but you two are the ones that made me a "twin mama."

You two, totally complete our family... we love you dearly,

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte, Marley and Finn.

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Make Errands Fun.

Errands these days, feel like they take FOREVER to run... and it's usually only 1 at a time. A trip to the post office and back, can take up to 45 minutes... the post office is only a short 5 minute drive away, but loading kids in the car and out and then back in the car again, takes up, what feels like, the rest of that time. I'm completely out of breath by the time everyone is loaded or unloaded... it's my workout for the day. Rewarding good behavior for the middles (Marley and Finn) is typically a snack, but occasionally a trip to the beach nearby, is just as good... if not BETTER for their little spirits. They get to run around a little bit... take in some fresh air... burn off the energy... explore... and then they're ready for awesome naps/quiet times... it's the best way to make errands fun.

A tip for those parents that live near the water: keep a plastic laundry basket (easy to clean and sand/rocks can't collect in it) in your trunk with the essentials for quick/random pitstops by the water... rainboots/muck boots, sand shovels/toys, beach towels, and a change of clothes.

Because so many have asked... Finn's outfit is primarily from these two awesome handmade shops: The Little Spoons and Little Rascals Shop and Marley's dress is from Alice and Ames... it's the PERFECT twirl dress, in the history of EVER.

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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Dear Josephine and Mable { 3 months }

Dear Josephine and Mable,

Somehow another month has flown by... you're 3 months old. It seems surreal that you two are still here, you've weaved yourselves into our family so well, that it feels like you've always been a part of it.

You two are just about the BEST babies that have ever existed. We are not taking it for granted... and thank you both daily. You two have started to "wake up" more this last month. Watching you interact with us, is so fun. Your personalities are coming out more and more. It's amazing how different you two are... little opposites.

Mommy is still breastfeeding both of you. We've hit a few hiccups this month with you sweet Mable. You started doing these volcanic like puking sessions... and it went on for nearly 2 weeks. Nearly every time you ate for longer than 5 minutes, up it came. When we took you to the doctor today to get weighed (your weight has been the only thing we keep needing to check)... you only gained 1 lb. in a month. The doctor heard what I had shared about your spitting up, and short feeding sessions, and thinks you have reflux. He put you on medicine, which should start to help you out... He'll check your weight again in a week to see how you're doing. Josephine, you are chunking up so nicely. If you asked the doctor who he thought would have a tougher time gaining, he would have thought you, because of your little lip... but that's not stopping you. You are one determined little lady. You nurse like a champ, and are growing so quickly. Mable, you did catch up to Josey in the length department!

Sleep... you two are the queens of sleeping still. I don't want to say it too loudly, because I don't want others to hate me... but you bless me nearly every night with at least a good 6-7 hour stretch. It's a beautiful thing. It totally helps keep the household peaceful... and our spirits up. You have about a good 1-1.5 hour awake times in the morning twice, and in the afternoon and evening. You still nap between 3-4 times a day, for a huge chunk of time.

Josephine... our Jo Jo Bean. You FINALLY decided to grace us with your smiles this last month. You smiled once last month... and then we didn't see it again. For the longest time, we thought you were super serious, and a disgruntled tiny human. Your smiles are quite contagious. That little gummy smile is the sweetest... we hate that it'll change a bit next month after you have surgery... but I'm sure it won't take long for us to love it.

Your surgery is happening on February 24th. We have a few appointments before then, for pre-surgical stuff. Not quite sure what that entails, but it means a couple trips to Seattle. They assured us that the surgery was going to be about a 24 hour turn around... and I sure hope that's the case. Grammie "D" is coming into town to help watch your brother and sisters, and we are so thankful for that. It means we will be able to give you our full attention (along with Mable who will be with us, because she needs Mommy's milk) on the day of surgery and after. We are nervous for the "after"... the thought of it being painful for you, is a little unsettling. Hopefully it won't mess up our rhythm too much.

You love when people talk to you... I'm sure if you could talk, you would say that it's your very favorite thing. It's the sweetest hearing you "talk" back, with your coos... you want to converse so badly. And talking about your coos... they melt our hearts. They're these little squeals of delight.

Mable... our Mable Bable... you are still the easiest baby. Yes, we had our little struggle with your spit ups this month... but hopefully now that we figured it out, we will be on the up and up. Through it all, you never turned into a crank pot... you were still the sweetest, most passive little being, ever.

You love to lay and play... you could play with your little hanging octopus and zebra for a long time. You coo to them, and swat at them... and kick around your feet/legs like nobody's business. You love to roll from side to side. But, you still aren't a huge fan of tummy time. Just like your sister, you enjoy talking with people. After someone says something in a high pitch to you, you often coo back. Your coos are a little more on the lower side, compared to your sister's. Perhaps she'll be the soprano, and you'll be the alto.

Between the two of you, you notice your sister way more than she notices you. When we lay you two side by side, you always turn to look at her... while she stares off looking for Mommy/Daddy. I think you instinctually know you're the baby, and already pay attention to her, like a follower.

Whenever you two are awake, you love following your brother and sisters around with your eyes. You track them in the room, depending on where you hear their little voices. Somehow you don't mind their loudness... in fact, most of the time, you fall right to sleep to it. It's amazing. You tend to need noise, in order to keep sleeping. The moment it becomes silent, that's when it startles both of you.

This month we have ventured out with the both of you more than we have any of the other months. You two sleep through most of church... didn't mind one bit strolling in the BOB... and love a car ride out and about. People stare at us in amazement... especially the post office lady. She thinks Mommy is crazy taking all of you guys out at once to ship off packages. Mommy especially likes to count how many times in a day she hears, "Boy, you sure have your hands full." Once, at Target, she heard it over 13 times. But, it's a great kind of full... we wouldn't have it any other way.

You two, totally complete our family... we love you dearly,

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte, Marley and Finn.

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Monday, January 02, 2017

A new year... new adventures

A new year in our house, means new adventures. Since the twins will be turning 3 months old in a few days.. I figured, why not, pull out the BOB stroller. I've had to endure the agony of not using it for the last few months, since they don't make a clip for double car seats. To break in the BOB stroller all over again, we took it out for the first time with the twins to a forrest park nearby. It was able to walk the trail with us, ride through some freshly laid snowflakes, bumped over tree roots ( "bumpies" as Marley refers to them), and even had the pleasure of carting around 4 littles by the end of the trail.

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