Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mama's Day 2018

5 little ones call me Mama... Each and every day, I'm overwhelmed with the thought, I get to be their Mom...What a treat.

Dear Charlotte,
Our beginning started a lot differently than my beginning with any of your siblings... and to me, that is so special. This season of life you're in... it challenges me daily. You push my buttons unlike anyone else... shaping me in a whole new way. You're paving the way for your brother and sisters, and do it with such beauty. You always tell me that you're "too big" to be picked up by me... that I'm not strong enough... and each time I pick you up, I prove you wrong. I'll always be able to pick you up my dear...

Dear Marley,
The moment I heard your heartbeat for the first time, I wept tears of joy. I never thought I'd hear that sound. You are a wild and free little spirit that teaches me everyday to slow down and enjoy the wonder around me. Your spicy spirit has this way of igniting my spicy spirit...Finding ways to calm down is a challenge, but we will learn. You are the first to join in, during any of my dance parties... I'll twirl with you, any day...

Dear Finn,
My one and only boy... you hold a part of my heart, that the girls don't even know about. You have taught me to "embrace the dirt"... the mess. You are such an adventurous little dude, always on the go... and slightly stubborn added in the mix. You like to do things your way, without asking for help (but I think that's more your age, and not who you are... or so I keep telling myself), which has our heads bumping from time to time. You love to flood me with kisses... I'll accept them, any day... any time...

Dear Jo,
The first of my twinsies... you and your sister were the BIGGEST surprise for my life... You are one loyal little lady... You make people "work" for your love... I will work forever for it. I'm a sucker for you. You bat those lashes, and I fall apart. You love a good chase game... anytime I say, "I'm going to get you..." your face lights up... You take off... I will chase you over and over...

Dear Mable,
My truest baby of all the babies... You are a chatterbox... but only when no one else is talking, or when you have one on one time with someone. You are the quiet troublemaker. You wait until my attention is on something else, and go to town creating havoc. Smart little one, is what you are. You love like no other... You squeeze/hug every person you come into contact a koala bear... Those hugs are the snuggliest, and I will treasure each and every one of them for all the days...

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Monday, April 30, 2018

I Want To Remember part 6

Before this month ends... I want to remember...

- We had the most glorious weather, we even pulled out the sprinkler. In the PNW, 70+ degrees, calls for splashing around. We haven't ventured to the beach yet... I'm thinking that'll happen this week (with the arrival of the grandparents!)

- Made our way to pick up our first haul of flowers (both annuals and perennials). We love to plant perennials in the flower beds (so that they come back each and every year... it's like the gift that keeps on giving), and the annuals are for the containers/hanging baskets. Marley was SO excited... she asked if we could add stickers and pretty tape (washi tape) to make the pots pretty. I told her, "Silly, no way! The flowers are going to make the pots pretty... we don't want to distract people from looking at them." I let her and Finn have free reign with the planting of the pots. They did so well... hardly needed any guidance. By the end, Marley looked at the pots and exclaimed, "You're right Mom, they definitely DON'T need stickers."

-  Charlotte started Ukulele lessons this month. Her music teacher offered free lessons to those that had ukuleles at home (that she'd have to bring in), before school starts on Tuesday and Fridays. She's LOVING it. She is so excited to share with me all that she learns when she comes home. It's also something I'm trying to learn alongside her.

- I started a sourdough starter this month... I know what you're thinking... "Karen, that's one more thing that you have to take care of.." but 1. bread and 2. the most amazing pizza dough in the history of ever, was created with that sour dough starter. I used to feed a culture when I lived in Korea, and it was so good to have fresh bread... plus, sourdough is a lot more tolerable for those that have gluten intolerances (don't worry, we are all ok in that department).

- Finn has been very challenging at the age of 3.5... I don't know what it is.. but these last few weeks has been a major struggle with him. Defiant, talking back... three. Burpees usually are our go to... to help them "snap out of" whatever they're struggling with... but, even burpees aren't doing the trick. The more I send him outside to play, the better we all are... it's those rainy days that are toughest.

- A dear friend of mine gifted me a beautiful play kitchen for the littles. It was her littles'... and to me, that's something to completely treasure... and treasure it sure is! The kids have played with it NONSTOP over the last week and a bit. We had it outside a little bit (which helped me get some yard work done or workouts done)... and then moved it into the twins' room. I taught them how to have a "tea party"... they say, "Ca Ca" for "coffee".... and pour incorrectly, but it's okay!  It's so precious how they play together, when they play together. They even hugged each other for the first time last week... they've hugged others, but never each other. I think we might be getting somewhere.

- We are counting down until summer break... We miss having Charlotte home with us during the day...also... how is it possible I'll have a kindergartner this year? (Insert tears flowing, just thinking about it).

- Awhile ago, my feeds were flooding with people sharing how AMAZING, The Greatest Showman's music was... I kind of eye rolled... how good could it possibly be? Charlotte's choir is singing one of the songs ( A Million Dreams) for their spring concert... so I knew it would be fun to rent the movie and finally dig into the movie that all have been talking about. I can't believe it took us so long. I'm a fan... and the music... SO good (I especially am a fan of Hugh Jackman and Zac Effron's "The Other Side"). We've been dancing to most of it... and cleaning to it... it's great.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

I Want To Remember part 5

We're almost through with April... and I shake my head in complete disbelief with how quickly this month is passing. These are the things I (currently) want to remember:

- We've had our share of rain the last few days/weeks... April showers, bring May flowers, right? I'm hopeful for the sun to come... and to stick around. I am DYING to start digging in the dirt. I ordered some dahlia tubers from one of my favorite flower farms here in Washington... Floret Flower... I'm dreaming up the best places to plant them in the yard. The babies have really been enjoying "digging", in just about anything... I'm trying to cultivate that, and not extinguish it (even though most of the time it's in my potted flowers, where I really don't want them digging)... so that they can be my "helpers" in the garden in the months to come... through the years to come. 

- The hubby put in a rope climb... and I am going through "How to Rope Climb" training, led by the hubby. Charlotte of course gets right up there... and then likes to say things to me like, "Mom... you just gotta... blah blah blah"... I got about 2-3 feet off the ground... and then I freeze. The idea of being that high, scares the bajeebies out of me... I keep hearing, "As soon as you get to the top, it's totally worth it!" Right now, I am putting it on the back burner... I will train to get up that rope... but first, all my efforts right now, are trying to get a pull up. UPDATE: I got my first pull up on 4/14... wow. Now, to keep up the work on the pull ups, so that I'm not a "one show wonder".

- Charlotte had "Spring Break" this last week..  One day we will venture somewhere... but for now, with all these littles, we had to sell Charlotte on doing a "staycation". We spent most of it outside, at the playground, eating picnics... and just enjoying the calm of what "breaks" bring.

- Mable and Jo are becoming more and more chatty. Their latest, is saying "teeth" when it's time for brushing... They have their own little language, that I can't decipher. It's gotta be twin talk (it sounds like gremlin to me).

- We went to Wilco to check out the baby chicks... Marley exclaimed, "Mom... we gotta bring them ALL home." Next year... it's happening.... chickens will be added to our homestead... this cannot be put off any longer. In the meantime, I'll be spending most of my extra hours, prepping for a big garden and area for the chicken coop. I know what you're thinking, "Karen, you don't need any more things to take care of... " BUT... two points. 1. my family eats a million eggs a week. 2. can you just imagine the photos that'll come with all the littles holding chickens in their arms?

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