Monday, December 15, 2014

6 weeks down.

Since you've been gone...

Charlotte: She has been such a spunky little girl this last week. Trying to joke around with me to get me to laugh... being goofy so that her sister laughs at her... and making animal noises so that her brother laughs at her. She has definitely turned a leaf, from her naughty self. We've been praying together... A LOT... and I think that did just the trick. Scratch that, I KNOW that did just the trick. She's been such a joy, that I've decided to surprise her with an outing to the movies this week... "The Penguins of Madagascar" is out, and looks too funny. She's been riding around on her scooter a lot... now that she's not afraid to balance herself on it. The scooter is totally going to have her confident soon to try out balancing on her bike... I just know it!

Marley: This girl has been crazy this week. If she's not constantly eating, she's a beast... hangry doesn't truly describe it. I think it's a growth spurt... Just this morning, I saw her munching on second breakfast (blueberry pancake crumbs on the floor) and well, I found her snacking on a day old hard as a rock cheesestick the other day. She's figured out how to open the snack drawer on the fridge... pulls it open, and says, "I wan dat!", while pointing to whatever it is that she wants. She knows where I hide all of the snacks in the diaper bag and pulls them out when she's hungry.

Finn: For awhile this little guy was giving me no sleep at night... 3 days in a row to be exact... nursing NONSTOP... he must be following in Marley's foot steps and growing as well. It was EXHAUSTING... like her reverted back to his newborn days. Thankfully he's back to his normal routine and schedule, the last 2 days. So thankful. He lights up my life honey... he is a little YOU, with my ears. I look at him, and say, "You are your Daddy... you're a mini him" and he smiles SO big, like he's telling me, "yeah, you're right... ha!" His eyebrows are becoming expressive, and he talks a lot... I thought he was going to be the quiet one, but it looks like we won't have any of those in our family.

Me: Other than my 3 days without showering... this week wasn't too bad. It totally flew by... hence why I didn't shower, not because I was in a funk. I've been missing evenings with you... and so I pretty much head right to bed when Finn goes to sleep. It's sad, but feels good for the body at the same time. We've been trying to go on a lot of walks lately... maybe it's because we've eaten so many sweets lately, and I feel like we have to! But it's been great for everyone's well being, more so mine. It just... feels good. This week, with Finn wanting to nurse a lot, forced me to SLOW DOWN a bunch.  Even though I couldn't stand it at the time, so glad that it happened... I needed it, and didn't even know that. I've had to tell myself a lot this week, "I'm not able to do it all, and that's okay."

Story of the Week: So, I learned a valuable lesson this week. Once the clothes is dried in the dryer... fold it immediately, and put it away. Why you ask? Because if I don't, Marley will pull the clean clothes out of the dryer, and immediately start shoving it in Runyan's litterbox. Yup... this might have happened on more than one occasion... like I would have learned my lesson or something. And, Runyan's litterbox had not been cleaned out for awhile...

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Because I Love You Sew Review-Blog Tour- Giveaway!

When sweet Trish from Two Peas in a Pod asked me to review her very own book, and be part of a blog tour... there was absolutely no way, that I could say, "No."  I have been following her sweet blog for so long, and have loved every single one of her creations. She has such a talent, that it's no surprise that she put together an amazing book, filled to the brim with awesome projects. Her book, Because I Love You Sew, has 17 handmade gift ideas that are complete eye candy. I have gone through the book a few times, and each time, I find something new. There are tons of sewing tips that even a beginner at sewing, could feel confident whipping up a few of the projects in the book.

Trish writes... " The idea for this book started right here, from these journal pages about making something special for my girls. I was a new mom to identical twin girls, and although I hadn’t really
sewn many garments before (okay, maybe one), I decided I wanted to sew the dresses for their holy baptism. I wanted to make them myself because I so strongly desired to start creating special keepsakes for both my girls, something that they would give to their kids. And that’s been my heart’s desire when it comes to sewing most everything—to make something special for someone that I love so very much."

I absolutely adore her heart... there really is something special about making something for someone(s) that you love...

There are so many projects in the book that I still want to create, but because time is something that I have so little of these days, I stuck with one of the projects that seemed fairly quick, totally adorable and perfect for my little girls, the Girl's Bow Headband. Instead of using a Goody's fabric covered headband, I went with a Goody's elastic headband... simply for the fact that Marley easily pulls off anything this is just a band, and Charlotte needs the least amount of things behind her ears, because she has her glasses and hearing aids there already.

I asked Charlotte to help me pick out fabric scraps from my bin... and here's what we created:

The girls have had a ton of fun wearing these headbands, and I'll be making many more in my future, especially for birthday gifts for their friends. My favorite part was watching Charlotte's eyes light up when she saw them completed... to see that smile... there's nothing greater.

C+T publishing has so generously decided to offer one of my readers a copy of the book! All you have to do to enter, is comment below telling me your most treasured gift you've ever received.

Be sure to check out some of the stops on the blog tour. You can find the full list here... my sweet friend Alison made the most adorable Junior Ranger Backpack, and has a giveaway going on, on her blog as well!
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Friday, December 12, 2014

The Tree Of 2014

We're keeping it super simple this Christmas. With the hubby not around... I'm trying to create ways for the girls to "remember" him, especially Marley. She LOVES walking around and checking out all the photos on the walls... and so I knew that I wanted to decorate the Christmas tree in an extra special kind of way. Lets face it, without my muscles around... I didn't want to dig out all the Christmas boxes from the attic, and so I figured it would be fun to decorate the Christmas tree with pictures of my hubby... my little ones' Daddy. We picked out 25 images off of Instagram that have his face in them in some way... and had them printed out via a mobile print studio. Once they arrived, we began hanging one by one, day by day, a photo on the tree. Every day we talk about different things that we miss about Daddy, and Charlotte writes them down... or I do... we take turns. Marley just loves going up to each of the photos that are at her eye level, pointing to them, and saying, "ahhhh look at dat. Dada!" We'll tie up some scrap flannel fabric on the ends of some of the branches, and we'll call this "the tree of 2014". Next year, we'll go back to our ornaments... but this year, we're making it special in a whole new way.

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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

5 weeks down.

Since you've been gone...

Charlotte: This little girl, she had a better week this week. We still had a ton of disciplining (I've gotta stay on top of it, in order to nip all her nasty habits in the butt), but it's been a lot better. One of the major things that happened with her this week... her left front tooth popped through the gums, and is about 1/4 of the way through already. Her right one is ready to come through as well. It's SO weird to see our child with teeth. I'm certain once they're both through, that she'll look like a completely different little girl, than the one we picked up 3 years ago. In a good way, no doubt.

Marley: This week, more words are coming out of this girl's mouth. If you ask her to say a word, she'll attempt to say it. Most of the time it's "ga ga"... but, she's attempting. She can now sing the first 2 lines of her favorite "Moon Moon Moon" song... it sounds like, "Moo Moo Moo, Shinin' Bwigh..." SO cute. In the tub, she's swimming on her tummy... it's so fun to see her be so brave in the water. She gets that from you. I'm sure this summer she's going to have a blast in the pool (I can already feel the sunshine... it feels glorious, especially since I won't be pregnant this summer!)

Finn: Oh your sweet little baby boy, isn't so little anymore. I can't believe the nurse told me he was 26 1/2 inches long! That's CRAZY.... he's so tall. He's literally just a few inches off from being the same height as Marley. He's been waking up during the night again. He feeds for about 15 minutes, and then falls right back asleep. So, I'm fairly certain it's a growth spurt. Give him a couple more days like this, and he should go right back to sleeping through the night (fingers crossed). He's also obsessed with talking to stuffed animals... he can talk to Violet, the puppy for about 15 minutes before he's bored with her.

Me: This week, I've had THE WORST headcold ever... and I say ever, because I've had to take care of everything in the household, parent by myself, and tend to my sick little nose. It was miserable. I even had a fever... BUT, it's almost gone! My nose is completely chapped, and thankfully my throat stopped hurting as well. I went through 3 boxes of tissues... not fun. I have been trying to relax more this week... which means the house is a complete mess... but that's okay. It also means that I'm behind on my to do lists... but that's okay too. I'm learning (slowly but surely), to just chill... wow, it's tough for this busy body. We've had multiple dance parties, baked tons of cookies, and have enjoyed catching up on some tv shows.

Story of the Week: The videos that you have sent us, reading to us... have been treasured, and I want you to know that. Treasured so much. The other morning, while Finn was napping... I wanted to grab a quick shower.  Charlotte was busy getting school work done, and to contain Marley, I plopped her on my bed, and let her watch the video of you reading, "I Love You Through and Through." I had about 93% battery on my phone... by the time I was done showering, getting dressed, fixing my hair (you know, putting a quick squirt of curl infuser in it) and grabbing myself a cup of coffee... the battery power on my phone was down to 5%... and the girl would NOT hand my phone back to me. She wanted to keep watching it. You know the part at the end, where you blow us a kiss? Well, she smooches the phone... which seems cute... but when she's been just as snotty sick as I've been... it's not so cute... Nope, not one bit.

So, I leave you with some photos of the kids watching your videos... they mean the world to us.

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Sunday, December 07, 2014

To The Fish

We made our way to the aquarium a while back, when my sweet sister-in-love came out to surprise visit me for Thanksgiving. Most people head to the shops on Black Friday... we made our way to the fish... it was nice to take an adventure... especially one where having an extra set of hands, meant I could enjoy it as well. If it was just me with the 3 kiddos... I would have been chasing after one... while answering another's million questions... while breastfeeding... yeah, that would have been an awkward sight.

 Also, we totally drove some of the way on historic Route 66! Marley was far from impressed... 

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