Friday, June 19, 2020

Bring On Summer

We ring in every first day of summer with ice cream cones... and we didn't let COVID stop us this year. We had to improvise with cones at home (instead of our normal outing), but it was still as scrumptious as any year past. This year, felt like an even bigger year to celebrate the first day, with having to finish out the school year from home. Charlotte and Marley put in a lot of hard work, especially when so much at first was unknown and out of the norm. They both persevered, pushed through, and get to move along to 7th and 2nd grade next year. It is still unclear what the next school year will look like, but we won't focus on that. We'll focus on making this a fantastic summer break! 

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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Easter 2020

Things looked a little different this year, with us all being in "quarantine"/"shelter-in-place" for Easter... but at the same time, the one thing remains the same (the reason why we celebrate Easter)... Christ rose from the grave! We had the pleasure of having Grammie and Papa D, with us this year, which felt like a treat to us. We had ZOOM chats with the other grands and my sister and family, ZOOM church service, and hunted for some eggs. Somewhere in there, we dyed some eggs and had a bunch of egg salad for lunch. It was a beautiful Easter Day... one that we won't forget!

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Thursday, January 02, 2020

Winter Happenings

When winter showed up, I'm not sure if we were ready for it to be here... It's the time of the year we tend to dread. The winter is known for it's rainy-ness, and shortened days. It's really easy to "hole" up. This year, I made the decision that regardless of whether or not it was raining, I needed to get at least 15-20 minutes "minimum" of fresh air each day. Sometimes that looked like a quick walk around the yard, sometimes it was heading out for an adventure to a local donut shop, and sometimes it looked like putting on my parka and sipping my morning coffee outside before quickly heading back in. I wanted to make the most out of this winter...

These are the things I'd like to remember: 

-  During winter break, we made our way to Zoo Lights with dear friends. We thought that the kids would be in awe of the beauty of the twinkling lights all throughout the zoo... and they enjoyed it... but they were asking where all the animals were the ENTIRE time. Being that it was a night event, we had to explain that everything was sleeping. They weren't as impressed with it all as I thought they would be, note to self... 

-  Mable didn't know the lyrics to any and all Christmas music, so she would just say the words, "Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas..." over and over again, to the tune of whatever Christmas song was on. 

-  One of the first days of winter break, I thought it would be fun to take the kids to see the "reindeer" at a local greenhouse/plant nursery... The deer were fun, but only for about 1 minute... so taking them to a donut shop totally redeemed that trip out of the house. 

-  Gig Harbor just opened up their very own donut shop. Although the donuts are a little "fancy"... they're still scrumptious. We made an outing out of it... brought some donuts to the new dock/netshed downtown, and sat by the water for some fresh air. 

-  After Christmas, my parents stopped at Seatac on their way to Hawaii for a layover. We were able to spend a few hours with them in the baggage claim area. We surprised the kids, and listening to their guesses the whole way, was hysterical. They were surprised, and we so enjoyed our picnic lunch with them, and celebrated a late Christmas. 

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