Friday, November 13, 2009

SEW lately...

Sew lately... I have been sewing much! I was never really big on sewing. In fact in middle school I learned how to work a sewing machine for the first time and made a pillow... in 8th grade I made a dress for the "fashion" show (which I'm pretty sure my teacher sewed mostly...I just remember cutting out the fabric/pattern and doing all the pinning)... and haven't touched a sewing machine in all these years. But, as soon as I got married, I felt the need/urge to be "housewifely"(is that a word?) and started sewing again. I've picked up the craft of quilting...and if I can learn something so complicated, then ANYONE can do it! My quilts have progressively gotten better...sort of like aged cheese?! So my apologies to those that received a "present" when I first started, it probably is in need of some serious fixing after many washings. Sewwww.... enjoy my first blog of my most recent creations! Let me know what you think.

This one is a close up of a table runner I made last year for my sister for her home.

This cuddly quilted blanket now belongs to an adorable little fella... baby Aidan.

This blanket's owner is... cute baby Aaralynn.

This quilt has the same fabric as the above quilt... just a different pattern...for sweet baby Violet

This scrappy quilt I made was just sent away to adorable baby Harrell...

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  1. Those are really beautiful, Karen. Thanks for sharing. Cindy

  2. And Aidan loves his little quilt! It made a perfect little cuddle nest for him in his bouncer. It's already been been declared a family heirloom.

    "Russell the Sheep" is a favorite, too! Aidan gets all excited when he sees his bedtime story.

    You guys rock! Thanks. :)