Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful today, and always...

Happy Thanksgiving to my blog readers! Growing up, this was always my favorite holiday to celebrate. I love the combination of the fall weather, family get-togethers, games, delicious meals, and fellowship around the table. The last couple of years that we've been in Germany has made it difficult to celebrate this holiday (being that the Germans/Dutch don't celebrate). Jason has had to work every Thanksgiving that we've been here... This year, it was our final day with the household good movers, and they packaged up all of our stuff in the shipment crates to ship via a ship. I'm so grateful for the fact that this moved has been easy/breezy thus far. I've now moved twice with the military... and each time, I've been taking notes as to what seems to be the best way to do things (organizing, making piles, feeding the movers, etc.) hoping that for future moves, it can be even easier than the time before (if that's even possible). With the house all packed up, we were graciously invited for a Thanksgiving dinner at the Grismore's house... and this weekend we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving #2 at the Capra's. Pictures to come shortly. But, I do want to say thank you to everyone who has thought of us/prayed for us during this transition.

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