Friday, November 20, 2009

Treats from my "Abi"...

"Abi Abi...let me sell you this..." "My friend, I give you my best price..." This is all Jason heard as he was invited into everyone's specialty "shop" while on TDY in Turkey. It's amazing how haggling is part of their culture... and how much fun it is for them... while it left Jason extremely exhausted from the whole experience. But look at these babies that my sweet, wonderful hubby brought back for me as my TDY present. They are old pots from a town pronounced "Cilia", unsure of the actual spelling. They were stashed away in someone's basement, covered in filth, and full of filth (trust me, you don't want to know what I found when I cleaned them out). Originally, he wanted 800 Turkish Lire for all of them, but after about 2 hours of persuasion (no exaggeration) Jason walked away with these beauties for only 300 Turkish Lire. What a STEAL!! They are my favorite green, and COMPLETELY eclectic. He also came back with 2 Turkish rugs for 300 dollars (pictures to be posted of those in the near future-once they are placed in our new home in Korea)! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you sweetheart!!

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  1. Beautiful. I'm jealous. Post a pic of how you use them in your new place, when you get settled. Thanks.