Friday, January 22, 2010

Home is, where again?

There are many different ways in which we hear the ending of the quote, "Home is where..."
  • Home is where the heart is (the most common).
  • Home is where the Air Force (insert other military branches that apply) sends us.
  • Home is where the cat/hound is.
  • Home is where you find happiness.
  • Home is where I am (thank you Bob Marley for that quote).
  • Home is where your story begins.
  • Home is where you make it.
  • Home is where you hang yourself.
The best "Home is where" ending that I have heard yet and that I think is pretty appropriate comes from an RV dealer, whose slogan is: Home is where you park it. It's genius, except that I don't visualize a vehicle, I visualize my body! I have a tendency to call anyplace where I'm spending the night, "home"... do you do that too? While on our cruise or any other vacation we've been on, I always say to Jason, "I can't wait to get back home tonight." The crazy part, is that he knows that I'm speaking of "home" in reference to where the bed is or where my stuff is, because he does it too! This has been an ugly habit that I've picked up ever since I became a military spouse, and I was wondering if anyone else struggles with this?

It has been a long 6 weeks and 3 days, being out of our home in Germany, but we finally have a new "home" in S. Korea in 424 Sorakson Tower.
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