Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Things are ROK'n and Rollin'...

Our new adventure has just begun here in ROK (Republic of Korea) and things couldn't seem to be rolling as smoothly as it has been during this transition from Germany. We arrived on Osan Air Base on Saturday, January 9th in the evening and were EXHAUSTED. I had my doubts that this was going to be an easy move during our 21 hourish travel from Harrisburg, PA to Seoul, South Korea, especially with our "not so happy" kitty, Runyan. Let's just say that in the first flight, Harrisburg to Atlanta, he was so upset with the situation that he bit his way through the kitty carrier, leaving a medium sized hole. Now, you'd think, "okay, it's not too big of a hole, he still won't be able to get out"... WRONG. He's the cat version of Houdini and this cat carrier did not hold him back at all. It ended up that he had to go to the bathroom and was trying to get out to find a litter box... few minutes later I caught a wiff of poo smell. Did I mention that Jason and I were separated on this flight also? Did I mention that this journey to Seoul began at 3 am EST? I was fearing the rest of the trip... We made it to Atlanta and had about a 3 hour layover before our 14 hour flight. It gave us enough time to clean Runyan and his cat carrier. Jason took him to the bathroom and sat Runyan down on the diaper changing station and according to Jason he just sat there and didn't move, looking apologetic and knowing that he did something wrong, while Jason cleaned/freshened up his "home" for the next 14 hours. He did pretty good for 10 hours... slept... meowed a little... slept... tried to poke himself out of the hole... slept... and meowed some more. At the 4 hours left marker, he became fairly unruly. We ended up taking him to the bathroom to let him stretch his legs. When we arrived in Incheon Airport, we were summoned over to the Animal Quarantine area where Runyan was checked out, and they took a look at his health certificate (thank you Wernersville Vet for getting the proper documents, and to Dr. Brown from the USDA office for stamping off on the paperwork) which passed with flying colors! Runyan is now an official visitor in Korea for 3 years... maybe longer if he doesn't get kitty drugs when we move 3 years from now (pray his murmur goes away so we can give him tranquilizer-like pills next time).

Our first few days here have been pretty uneventful in the way of "seeing" things, but we've been settling in, getting adjusted to the 14 hour time difference from the East Coast, working out at the gym, and trying all different types of Asian food. The major news that we have, is that we have an on base apartment!! Everyone has told us that Osan is filled 99%, and we got a call today from Ms. Na from the Housing Office asking us to come in and talk with her. She shared the good news with us that there's a 2 bedroom apartment that will be ready for us by 20 January. We stopped over, and took a look at it, and it's just what we could have asked for (even though I would have loved 3 bedrooms). To top it all off, the previous tenants painted the foyer wall my favorite green, and two walls in the living room are chocolate brown. We couldn't have been matched up any better, and we give all the glory, praise and thanks to God. Our household goods won't arrive until March, and so we'll be living out of a suitcase and using temporary furniture in the meantime. Thank you all that have been thinking about us and praying for us during this crazy stressful time. I'll post more as more comes...

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  1. Ooooh! I'm excited to see this apartment:) That is so awesome that it worked out that well...Jesus was probably giving you a bit of a break after having to deal with Runyan for 20 hours:).