Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jumping For Joy...

"What could be so important that you need my undivided attention Jason?"- me

"Well, Karen, our household goods are being delivered to us on Monday." - Jason

There is nothing greater than hearing the words, "our household goods are being delivered..." I don't consider myself a materialistic person, in the least bit, but I have missed my "stuff" like crazy. This means that our belongings actually made it to Korea!!! Now, I have no idea if they are in one piece or not, but I don't care. I know, I say that now, and then when I find one my heirlooms broken, I'll have to edit this post... but for right now, I'm jumping for joy. I can finally get our home in order, I can finally cook some decent meals that don't involve Ramen Noodles, I finally will have my clothes and can stop recycling the same outfits that I've been wearing since November (2009), I can create and be artsy fartsy with all my craft stuff, and LASTLY that means that we'll have a "home" ready for our precious little child(ren) when the time comes. Will you jump for joy for me?
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  1. I have such a beautiful wife. And yes the people with the apartment below us hate us for jumping at 12am.

  2. SUCH an exciting day. I'd be jumping for joy too if I were you! Any idea on how long the adoption process will take?

  3. um, we were told between 7-10 months after our paperwork is handed in. We're getting there with all that paperwork too, and the homestudy is coming along!! YIPEE I'm just sooo excited! Enough catching up on blogging for me, and back to the ocean of boxes!