Monday, February 22, 2010

Smooth Move...

Today, February 22, 2009, we received all of our "stuff"... we were filled with so much joy as our boxes came in, one after the other, through the door. Even Runyan, our cat, was wondering which box had all of his toys in it?! They had a steady rhythm of boxes pouring in, from about 8-11 am, when all of a sudden, they got to the final crate, which had our HUGE German hutch in it. We were wondering for a long time, how they were going to fit this thing in our apartment? They tried for over an hour, but it kept getting stuck in the same spot... in the entryway hallway's turn to the living room. At that point, we pretty much had it in our heads that we were not going to be able to have this lovely piece of furniture anymore, that it was nice while it lasted, and that it would have to depart from us and either go into storage, or be sold to someone else. When all of a sudden, the "head" guy (and by "head" guy, I mean the guy who spoke the best English) came over to us, and said that after lunch, he'd use a "lift" to get it up to us, and bring it in through the balcony. Many thoughts were flying through our head, as well as images of it falling off the tiny lift, but sure enough, it made it! It also fits PERFECTLY, as if this one wall was created JUST for this special piece of furniture. Just crazy... but we've opened every box, and have started the crazy amounts of organizing and placing of the items, and kudos to "Hartman" our Dutch movers, NOTHING was broken. Overall, it was a successful move-in. I'll post pictures soon, of all the rooms and how everything is starting to come together and feel like home.

{Runyan sniffing around for his toys}

{it was a step by step process, and I tried to document it, as well as I could}

{having fun with the boxes}
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