Saturday, April 24, 2010

the "4" and "9" market

What a beautiful Saturday we had... the sun was shining, it was warm, and the hubby wasn't plagued with the thought of "having to work". It was the perfect day for a walk downtown and a visit to the "4" and "9" market. This market, just as it's called, is only open on days that are a "4" and "9"... so for those that are slow, since today is the "24th" of April, it's OPEN all day! We had a great time inspecting all the different types of seafood (good thing my nose is clogged from a head cold right now), seeing all the different spices, and types of rice cakes. The strawberries were huge, so of course we picked up a bunch of them for 3,000 won-which is about $2.80. So come along, take a walk with me...

As we walked to the market, we passed all these hanging paper lanterns... there were so many, and all different colors, and up against the sky, they were just gorgeous! I just had to snap away... pretty sure at this point, so early on our walk, the hubby got annoyed with my picture taking.

Alright, okay, enough with the lanterns, I know you were waiting for all the "goodies" from the market...

{spices galore}

{the HUGEST rice cakes that I have ever seen!}

{green onions...}

{I'm guessing these are turnips of some sort, or a root}

{cucumbers and zucchini}

{the hubby trying to "fit in" and LOVING the size of these berries}

All in all, a wonderful way to spend our afternoon... now I have to edit those China photos that you've been waiting on. Thank you for your patience with me, I'll hopefully post a bunch tonight.
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  1. You know...Strawberries were the one thing that I missed SO MUCH in Vietnam...good to know that South Korea's got that covered:)