Friday, April 16, 2010

Little China Girl

Tomorrow morning, I'm heading off to the land where EVERYTHING is made, where I have been dreaming of traveling since I was a little girl... and I wish you all were coming along with me. If I could fit you in my suitcase, I totally would, but unfortunately I'm limited to 20 kilos and for me, a light packer, that still seems a bit low. I will be spending the next 4 days getting "reacquainted" with my camera/rekindling our friendship... I will be experiencing sights that I could never imagine, eating food that is going to "wow" me, and my favorite... people watch!

I'll be collecting "treasures" in this foreign land... and as soon as I get home, I will wrap them up in a sweet package and mail to whosever name I pick out of the jar... "but how do I get my name in that jar?", you ask.

It's simple:

- You get your name entered just by leaving me a fun comment on this post.
- Since you know I love music, if you enter a comment that has lyrics to a song with the word "China" in it, you will get an extra entry ( Sorry, but first come, first serve, no copying others!)
- You can get your name entered a 3rd time by following my blog (just scroll to the top right and you can find the Google friend/follower box) *no extra entry for those already following, sorry!
- You can post about this giveaway on your blog or facebook (use my button above to link back, if you'd like) and you will get yourself another entry. Please leave a comment if you've done this.

That means you could potentially have 5 chances to win! I will randomly pick a name out of the jar and announce the winner on my blog on Wednesday, 21 April. Until then, I bid you farewell!
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  1. Alright ~ well you've peaked my interest so I'm now "following you" privately. I will have posted your link by the time you read this on my facebook... and I had to look up lyrics because I couldn't think of any with China in them... so I looked up lyrics ~ so I hope that isn't cheating ~ anyway there were a lot interesting ones but I picked this one because it was funny... called "On a Slow Boat to China" sung by Bette Midler and Barry Manilow. Here's the link if you want to read all the lyrics:

    I tried to find it on so I could listen to it but they didn't have it. *sigh* Oh, well... but that reminds me if you haven't checked out Pandora its really cool ;o)

    Also, I should tell you ~ I'm soooo jealous that you're such a world traveler... love seeing the pics and reading about all the interesting things you find and learn. Can't wait to read about China ~ praying you have a safe, yet adventurous time. ;o)

    ~ Cindy B

  2. Ok - so here's my "fun" the moment, I'm currently watching "Twister" on tv and it was just at the part where the sex therapist is attempting to convince her client that he wasn't married solely for his man business! LOL Too funny - thought I'd share that with you!

    As for "China" lyrics, I couldn't think of song so I Googled a song and came across "China" by Tori Amos.
    China decorates our table
    Funny how the cracks don't seem to show
    Pour the wine dear
    You say we'll take a holiday
    But we never can agree on where to go

    It's late so I might not get around to blogging tonight but I will definitely do so tomorrow; and when I do so, I'll definitely reference your blog and giveaway! Have a great time in China!!

  3. Another quick note: I'm not sure if I was technically "following" your blog before but I am now! :)

  4. So, because I love BNL, and because I leave for Canada in a few minutes, here are some lyrics, though they're sort of from different parts of the song...

    As I make you stop, think
    You'll think you're looking at Aquaman
    I summon fish to the dish, although I like the Chalet Swiss
    I like the sushi
    'cause it's never touched a frying pan

    Chickity China the Chinese chicken
    You have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin'
    Watchin' X-Files with no lights on
    We're dans la maison
    I hope the Smoking Man's in this one

    I will also say you might like China Forbes, the lead singer for Pink Martini, we may have listened to some on our road trip.

    I've been reading you're blog since you started, but I guess I can become "official" and follow you... :) have FUN!

  5. I'm all about free stuff! :) Have so much fun in China. I'm looking forward to seeing all of your pictures!

    Here's a little David Bowie for ya:
    I could escape this feeling, with my China Girl
    I feel a wreck without my, little China Girl
    I hear her heart beating, loud as thunder
    Saw the stars crashing

    I'm a mess without my little China Girl
    Wake up in the morning. Where's my, little China Girl?
    I hear our heart's beating, loud as thunder
    I saw the stars crashing down

  6. Hi Karen! Have a blast in China. Trip of a lifetime! Well, I love a carrot dangled in front of me so I will have done all 5 things by the time this gets posted. The funny thing that I want to say is about this song, China Grove by the Doobie Brothers. It's about a town in Texas named China Grove and they make mention of samurai swords. The only thing is that these swords originated in Japan not China. So much for history facts and drug induced song writing in the 70s!

    Here's the last verse and chorus:

    But every day there's a new thing comin'
    the ways of an oriental view
    The sheriff and his buddies
    with their samurai swords
    you can even hear the music at night
    And though it's a part
    of the Lone Star State
    people don't seem to care
    They just keep on lookin' to the East


    Talkin' 'bout China Grove
    (talkin' 'bout China Grove)
    Woh oh oh
    Woh oh, China Grove

    All the best! Be safe!

  7. Hi Karen, I am loving your blog! You are so talented. I love your new projects! Reading the other blogs I could not think of another song with the word "china" in it. But I'm sure "I'm a little tea pot" was made of china! :-) Praying for you and Jason on this new adventure. Deb Davis

  8. Everybody was kung-fu fighting
    Those cats were fast as lightning
    In fact it was a little bit frightning
    But they fought with expert timing

    They were funky China men from funky Chinatown
    They were chopping them up and they were chopping them down
    It's an ancient Chineese art and everybody knew their part
    From a feint into a slip, and kicking from the hip

    Everybody was kung-fu fighting
    Those cats were fast as lightning
    In fact it was a little bit frightning
    But they fought with expert timing

    There was funky Billy Chin and little Sammy Chung
    He said here comes the big boss, lets get it on
    We took a bow and made a stand, started swinging with the hand
    The sudden motion made me skip now we're into a brand knew trip

    Everybody was kung-fu fighting
    Those cats were fast as lightning
    In fact it was a little bit frightning
    But they did it with expert timing

    (repeat)..make sure you have expert timing
    Kung-fu fighting, had to be fast as lightning

    "Ow, my tenders!" <--that was for Jason...somehow this song just brough that movie all back :o)

    Hoping you have fun in China and some neat experiences. Will you be tasting cat? Might not want ot let Runyan know. Can't wait to see your pictures and hear all about it here on your blog.
    Love you! ~Tini

  9. hey Karen :)
    I´m going to take the challenge too... :) I love your blog. I started to read it regulary about two months ago and I really love your notebook covers, pillows and everything you sew... :) I always wanted to make these thing but I´m so horrible in sewing... :) now I´m officialy following your blog... I didn´t know before that I can be your follower without having own blog... :)

    and here´s a part of one song:
    They got the red book, they got the new look
    All the little people that are living in China
    They got the answers to all the questions
    All the little people that are living in China
    The solution is revolution
    For all of the little people that are living in China
    They got ping pong egg foo yung
    For all the little people that are living in China

    have a great time there! :)

  10. HI!!!!

    Here's my song lyrics:
    I'll be so careful I'll hold you like china
    I'll promise not to hurt you I'll hold you like china
    You won't feel nothing, I'll hold you like china
    'Cos I know it's your first time

    It's a Phil Collins song called "Like China." I hope it counts because it's not about the country China specifically:)

    Love you and can't wait for stories when you get back!!

  11. And...I'm posting a link to your blog on my wall now:). Did you see the last time I did that for your journals??? Do I get an extra entry:) haha...

    Love you!

  12. k davis! i just saw that you won the cakies giveaway!!! :) i'm so giddy for you as if this k davis won! haha

  13. KAREN DAVIS! Here is a comment from the girl whose name starts with a b and ends with an l! I love your blog and even went to Hobby Lobby last night to get some supplies for a little karen davis inspired project. aside note: is there anything that isn't on sale at that store?! if so i'm at a loss for what it is!

    I will qualify my entry by mentioning "China Roses" by Enya

    One told me of China Roses,
    One Thousand nights and one night,
    Earth's last picture, the end of evening:
    Hue of indigo and blue.

  14. I'm a follower!!!! I'm a follower:)

    I also would like for you to know that because I am your mother-in-law, that should at least count for fifteen entries into your contest:).

    I can't think of a song with China in it, but I'm excited to hear stories when you get back!

    I am also very concerned that you are leaving my grandcat with Jason for a week!!

    Love you,
    Mom Davis

  15. So I read your blog, after it was linked on Facebook by Cindy, and I must tell you, I'm horrifically jealous of your trip. Then I thought, hmm, I should post a song, just for giggles.

    Then I read other people's comments. Someone already did "China Girl" by David Bowie... the first thing that popped into my head... started singing it too. Was bummed.

    Then I thought, okay, I'll do "I like Chinese" by Monty Python, always good for a giggle. Then I ran over the lyrics in my head and realize that however many times they say "Chinese" they never say "China"...

    So... choice #3, here you go... "Beautiful Day" by U2:

    The heart is a bloom
    Shoots up through the stony ground
    There's no room
    No space to rent in this town

    You're out of luck
    And the reason that you had to care
    The traffic is stuck
    And you're not moving anywhere

    You thought you'd found a friend
    To take you out of this place
    Someone you could lend a hand
    In return for grace

    It's a beautiful day
    Sky falls, you feel like
    It's a beautiful day
    Don't let it get away

    You're on the road
    But you've got no destination
    You're in the mud
    In the maze of her imagination

    You love this town
    Even if that doesn't ring true
    You've been all over
    And it's been all over you

    It's a beautiful day
    Don't let it get away
    It's a beautiful day

    Touch me
    Take me to that other place
    Teach me
    I know I'm not a hopeless case

    See the world in green and blue
    See China right in front of you
    See the canyons broken by cloud
    See the tuna fleets clearing the sea out
    See the Bedouin fires at night
    See the oil fields at first light
    And see the bird with a leaf in her mouth
    After the flood all the colors came out

    It was a beautiful day
    Don't let it get away
    Beautiful day

    Touch me
    Take me to that other place
    Reach me
    I know I'm not a hopeless case

    What you don't have you don't need it now
    What you don't know you can feel it somehow
    What you don't have you don't need it now
    Don't need it now
    Was a beautiful day

    (And I've followed you)
    (And I went and created a Blog...)
    (And I have no idea what I'm gonna write about... but look what a bad influence you are!)