Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Love note... I think NOT.

We continue to collect the "nasty-grams" that hang in the entrance to the apartment building. I'm pretty sure that this one was created in reference to the can of pop that was dumped right in front of the elevator. None-the-less, it gave us a chuckle, and so I had to blog about it, and the hubby had to "borrow" it for our collection.

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  1. Holy cow...lots of hate in your building...someone must've had a REALLY bad day and used this as their "last straw"....hope they feel better now! Miss you guys!

  2. Take a look at There are TONS of these there and they're all really funny!

  3. no might just be the pressure of being IN the military that made them do it...spills and messes never happen in the civilian world...right?