Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Mantastic Guest Blogger

It's occurred to me that this blog’s url says “Davis Family Adventures” and one side has been blowing up the creative world w/ all kinds of wonderful things made of thread and fabric…while the other (me) has been at mandatory work appointments for the last four straight months. So, I’m living up to my side of the “Fam” and posting one of the projects I’ve finally finished up…one that has carried over from a project started in Germany. I’ve decided to depart from the feminine fabric and decided to talk about more manly things – namely wood...dark old barn wood. What could be more manerific?

We found this riddling rack (wine rack) literally the week before we packed up for Korea. Once we had it apart, Karen and I bought some baby food (yes I tasted them...I was not impressed) jars from the commissary, emptied them out and wrapped soldering wire around them and attached them to the rack. I’m pretty happy how it turned out - at least it’s a nice eye catcher when you open up the front door.

What do you think?

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  1. Love it! the contrast of the glass against the dark wood, not to mention the candles, is very nice. good work, manly man...

  2. Jason---I LOVE this!!! Good pictures too:). And very manly, definitely manly.

  3. Very cool ~ i bet it looks really cool with all the candles lit in a dark room ;o)
    ~ Cindy B

  4. Love it. Love love it. Well done.

  5. your mother is DEFINITELY jealous!!

  6. What a great job! Very Asian looking in a European way! Totally clever. Must have been all that practice putting in a wood floor over the holidays:^)

  7. Dear Jason and Karina, Stop.

    I miss you guys Stop. The wine rack, turned candle holder, is beautiful Stop. I am on my way to that Antique Market today, my Birthday April 19th Stop. What you have done with your home is wonderful Stop.

    Best wishes in Blogging Stop.

    Love and Miss you both Stop.

    Tish, Stop.

  8. Very mantastic but oh so beautiful! Great work, Jason! I love reading Karen's blogs but it's nice to get the "other side of the fam's" opinion, too. Keep on creating, Mr. Davis, and continue to share - don't let the creative juices go to waste. :)

  9. Love it!! Our riddling racks are just taking up space. We're totally going to copy you, Jason!!