Tuesday, April 06, 2010

"On Time" Raffle...

Last month was the first time I ever went to a MOPS meeting. For those that have never heard of it, it's for Mothers of PreSchoolers... and yes, I am not a mom, YET... but because of being in the process of adoption, and more than likely our child will be a preschooler, I have been invited to help out, and to join in with the ladies and their fellowship. I'm so grateful for this opportunity, it's definitely helping me get "plugged" in, but it warms my heart knowing that I will be "Mom" soon. Last month was my first time and it was a great month of meeting some incredible women and also learning about "Playing with your Little One"(all the different ways we can go about this.) I'm really excited about tomorrow's meeting, and I'm even giving away some goodies for the "On Time" raffle. I hope the lucky winners enjoy... I sure did have a great time making these!

Sorry, you can only see them "wrapped" up, it's a surprise, and we don't want to ruin the surprise, right?!
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  1. What adorable little packages! I wish I was there to be in this raffle!

  2. Dionne, I'm going to have a giveaway (with my limited amount of followers and those that write me on facebook) in a week or so, it's going to be on "treasures" that I find while on my ladies trip to China. Stay tuned!!