Monday, May 10, 2010

Food Glorious... FOOD!

"Food, glorious food! What is ther emore handsome? Gulped, swallowed or chewed -- Still worth a kin's ransom. What is it we dream about? Wat brings on a sigh? Piled pieahes and cream, about Six feet high!

Food, glorious food! Eat right through the menu. Just loosen your belt. Two inches and then you work up a new appetite. In this interlude -- The food, Once again, food..Fabulous food, Glorious food.

Food, glorious food! Don't care what it looks like --Burned! Underdone! Crude! Don't care what the cook's like. Just thinking of growing fat -- Our senses go reeling One moment of knowing that
Full-up feeling!

Food, glorious food! What wouldn't we give for that extra bit more --That's all that we live for. Why should we be fated to...Do nothing but brood on food, Magical food, Wonderful food, Marvellous food, Fabulous food..."

So, do you even need an explanation on what this blog post is about? Today, on Day 2 posts on China... I will be sharing photos of the Chinese cuisine we indulged in. Okay, some of the ladies loved it, some hated it, while others questioned what they were eating the whole time. Overall, I can say, it was an "experience"... and there were definitely certain dishes that were amazing and stuck out over the rest. Like the garlic shoots... mmm... I could eat a whole dish of those! Most of the time, all the food was warm/hot... they don't believe in eating vegetables cold/raw. Boy oh boy, did I miss a good salad. Jasmine tea (one of my favorites) was served with every meal, so I really can't complain.

Everything was always served on/in beautiful "china"...

The street food smelled soooo yummy...

but I didn't try it, because it looked like "mystery" meat to me...

Every lunch and dinner was served to us on a "lazy susan" in the middle of the table.

One night, our tour guide Shelley, dropped us off at the "red lantern" street... Yeah, being that I came from the Germany/NL region, I automatically started to assume that it was their version of the "red light" district... but I sure was wrong. Instead I felt like I was on "Fear Factor" street. Silkworms, scorpions, testicles, starfish (which I tried), eel, live worms, etc... whatever you wanted to try, it was waiting and ready for you on a stick. Oh, and by the way, you had to pay for this.. you weren't paid to try!

They did have some scrumptious fruit on a stick, that was served with melted sugar drizzled all over it. Great for my taste buds, but my teeth were screaming at me. Spent the rest of the night flossing, brushing, and using fluoride.

We ate authentic Chinese cuisine for lunch and dinner every day for 3 days, and by the last night of the trip, we were DONE with Chinese food... so we ate at TGIFridays... That was probably the best salad I had in a long time.

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  1. LOL, Fear Factor Street.

    I am really adventurous when it comes to food, and try everything - even the scary stuff. It's so interesting to see what other cultures eat. Yummy!

  2. Oh my...when I saw red lantern street...I thought of the SAME THING! Good to know it wasn't that type of area:)

    This food reminds me of Vietnamese food...the cookedness of it and the bowls and bowls of things on lazy susans:).

    I miss it!!!