Monday, May 31, 2010

One dress... two dress...

Okay, so I finished up two more dresses for the shop, and I promise, that's all the projects you'll be seeing for awhile... since this week coming up is (hopefully) "move into a house" week. I'll be decorating the new place, taking pictures and blogging about that soon... and can you believe it, I'm actually going to have my own SEWING room in this new place! I'm so excited, and am thinking about starting a sewing class for those that are local (meet once every two weeks). Let me know if you're interested, the class space will be limited.

So these will be up in my shop today... SOLD! Man I'm on a roll!

This one is 18 month size.

This one is 12 month size.
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1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous! These are so adorable. I love the colors and patterns you chose!

    PS - you won the New Ivy Style giveaway on my blog! Can you please email me your mailing info to I will give that info to Iro-Ivy and let her know you wanted the card set.