Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Celebrating... 28!

Okay, so I just gave away how old I turned yesterday. Yup, the big 2-8!! I'm not ashamed to tell people my age... I suppose because aging is inevitable... so why not just celebrate life?!? And celebrating is what we did. I woke up, enjoyed a cup of coffee, caught up on reading my favorite blogs, and then headed out with the Mr. for the day. Can you believe that my birthday just so happened to have fallen on a "Family Day" conducted by the Air Force here in Korea? So the hubby didn't even have to burn a day of "leave" for my special day!

After a bus ride into Seoul, we started our adventure by heading down to Itaewon to visit a cupcake shop, called "Life is Just a Cup of Cake." What an awesome place... that's all I'm going to say about that, because I'll actually be dedicating a whole blog post JUST on that delicious experience!

But, I will give you a sneak peek of how amazing this place is...

As if my birthday couldn't get better... we then jumped onto a subway and successfully navigated out way to Dongdaemun.

What's Dongdaemun you ask?? Well, well you can find out here, thanks to Wikipedia, or to put it simply, it's the largest shopping center in all of South Korea! More specifically, there is a whole building (5 stories tall) dedicated to CRAFTS/SEWING! Now of course, as soon as we arrived I must have looked like a deer in headlights (kind of wish the Mr. could have captured that expression). I had no idea where to begin, but thanks to the hubby, he created a plan to make our way to the top to start, and work our way to the bottom. Little did we know that Floor 5 was where they had all the "Notions", and that is exactly what I had on my list to pick up. Yes, I actually had a mental list of what I needed... did I stick to that list?? No I think I did pretty well. Since we were up on the 5th floor for quite a bit, it left little time for Floors 4-1... but that's okay... there's always another day!

Here are some shots of my Dongdaemun experience...

We ended the day with some yummy Japanese noodle dishes and then boarded the bus back to our base. What an awesome outing, what an awesome birthday, what an awesome husband I have to have dealt with cupcakes and sewing notions all day long without complaining!

Some great finds/deals of the day...

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  1. Oh my goodness! I will openly admit jealousy to the extreme! That place puts Joanns to shame! Now did they have fabric too? Cheap flannels? I will have to compile a shopping list....I am just so overwhelmed I almost don't know where to start!
    Love you much! ~Tini

  2. Now that looks like a cool place to visit ~ I have to agree with Tini that I'm a bit jealous. What a pleasant way to spend your birthday. ~ CB

  3. Happy Birthday! And I LOVE the pics. Those cupcakes are delightful. I want one! And I am digging that subway shot - great perspective!

  4. Happy Birthday!! So glad that you had such a great day. We're definitely going to have to make a trip to the cupcake shop and I've been dying to go to your infamous coffee shop downtown. When I get back, I think we need any outing. Happy 28th!! I just turned 28 too on the 29th.

  5. Happy birthday! sounds like a fun day

  6. Dionne, just come visit me in S. Korea, and I'll take you to all these wonderful places!!

    Crystal, come home soon, I can't wait to see you!! We'll have a wonderful outing, and maybe even finish the day with some sewing ;) Oh, and Happy Birthday to you!