Thursday, June 24, 2010

Come home... please?

You can tell that the Mr. has been gone for awhile... not because I'm moody, or crabby, or because my garbage bag is full of used tv dinner cartons... but because our bed has looked like this, the past 2.5 weeks:

I, in no way, shape or form, fix our bed everyday, but I usually make it look really nice when I wash the sheets (which I did a few days after the Mr. left)... and this is how it's looked pretty much ever since. Come home soon Mr. so the bed can look "balanced" with it's ruffledness (I know, it's not a word... I made it up for fun, for you!)
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  1. This makes me sad! But those ridiculous "pillows for show" will be banished from my side when I get home! Love you babes. See you soon!

  2. :( This makes me want your hubby to come home for you!!!

    LOVE your headboard, by the way! :)