Saturday, June 12, 2010

Garlic... Anyone?

Today, as I was perusing the main shopping street, I heard a "beep beep" and quickly moved over to the side of the street. I was pretty close to getting hit, and then she just stopped right in the middle of the pedestrian alley, and called out in Korea, what must have been, "Garlic... anyone?" Because that, my friends, is what she had... and boy, did she have a lot of it. Many innocent bystanders scurried along, because the smell was starting to get to them, I however whipped out my camera.

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  1. That is CRAZY! I like the smell of garlic, but I might rethink that with that much around!

  2. oh the smell was wonderful... glorious... not too strong at all! my eyes might have teared up a little.

  3. Once in Changwon I acme upon one of those little pickup trucks, this one filled with hundreds of some kind of sea creature. They were dried. And flat, like a ray--but they don't eat rays, do they?

    Anyway, there were flies all about these things. Very unappetizing. Not to worry, though. The proprietor stood watch, armed with a fly swatter. Whenever a fly lit on his wares, he swatted that thing, but good. Never bothered to pick the carcass out of the goods--but hey, at least that fly wouldn't bother him any more.