Sunday, June 20, 2010

Girl's Day Out

Typically when the Mr. is TDY (military talk for when he's gone for a few days, in this case 2.5 wks, doing "his" thing) I spend my days at the sewing machine, creating... or at the computer, blogging... or petting my cat, Runyan... or popping in the microwave some food, a tv dinner (hate cooking for myself)... or just being bored, by myself. Recently, I've befriended some amazing ladies, and just the other day we had a "Girl's Day Out." Such a great time. We started the day off with some beverages from a new coffee house that opened up (our favorite, "From In" was strangely closed), then proceeded from some "REAL" Korean food... it was great (didn't take photos, but will the next time I go), and then I took them to some fun "sights" around town. At this point, I FINALLY took the camera out, and started snapping away.

So "Thank You" ladies for a wonderful Girl's Day Out!! Also, to those that have to work during the day, we'll be sure to have a Night Out soon!
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  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing the pics. How do you do it??? talented! Thank you for such a great day!!! Looking forward to more fun in the future :)


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