Friday, June 18, 2010


Hello fellow readers...

Happy Friday! I can't really celebrate that it's the weekend, being that the Mr. is away on official "work" business in the "land of moose and Palin fans." That's right, lucky duck gets 24/7 daylight!

So, I've decided to have a little fun (while he is gone), and I'm hoping that you'll play along... I'm looking to "UP" the amount of people I have following my blog, and I'm at 40 right now. I will send lucky #50 a special "something something" in the mail for making it to 50. Now, since most of you that are reading, are already followers, here's where you come in. I will draw another name out of the jar, and that person will win a little "something something" in the mail from me as well.

Want to play? Here's how you get your name in the jar...

  • Simple entry- you comment on my blog, and tell me something I don't already know about you
  • Blog about me, or my blog, or about my etsy shoppe.
  • Refer people to my blog in any which way(facebook, face to face, on the phone--you get the point), and if it's your friend that starts following me, make sure you tell me in another comment, and you will gain double entries into the jar.
We'll play until I hit 50! So go get 'em... game's on!

Speaking of games, did you know Runyan (my furry friend) LOVES to play Monopoly? Okay, maybe he just likes to knock over everyone's pieces and destroy all the houses and hotels, as though he were Godzilla.

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  1. Hey Karen! It's Lori (deb's sis) I love your handywork! So I am an actual "follower" now! altho I was checking in on your blog daily before! If you want to know something about me....hmmmmm. how about I like to sew too and am working on a pillowcase dress and matching bonnet for my lil girl right now.....Sorry about your finger! I know it hurts I had a catbite through my nail about a month ago and it still isnt healed. Glad you are doing well. When you come back to Jerz it would be great to see your lovely face. You were always one of my faves. ;)

  2. Karen, I love you posts! What fun you are having!
    Lets's see. I don't think you know that since last June I have lost 38 lbs. Finally back into my 6's. Feeling so much better. You wonder why you let yourself gain that weight in the first place. It was hand to mouth disease.:-).
    Keep on blogging, I love it! Can't wait to hear what all God has in store for your future.
    Deb Davis

  3. Love your posts. I'm a big fan!! (not just cause I'm your sister either)Something you don't know about me? That just isn't fair being that we're sisters!!! case you didn't know I'm a "giveaway junkie"...I'm constantly entering stuff on other's blogs and websites....really you're not helping my addiction! Then again when you win stuff it doesn't help either (especially the free cloth diaper I got! YAY!) Keep up the blogging...makes for great late night reading when I nurse the wee one!!!~Tini

  4. PS: I am posting to my Facebook account all your information! ~Tini

  5. hey Karen!
    I'm still loving the blog, check it every day. I don't think you know that I treated another KC-135 pilot yesterday. He's been to GK a lot of times, we talked about the AWACS and Germany and South Korea.
    I'll put up a link to your page on FB and I've told Annah she should become a "Follower" (she already reads it periodically.)
    Have a good Saturday!

  6. Karen,

    We have never met, but I read your posts daily. Actually, I know your husband. I worked for CEF for many years as a Summer Missionary. I love reading about your adventures and seeing how talented you are with sewing and photography.

    Vickie S.

  7. Karen,

    just signed up to follow your blog officially. I read it all the time anyway. I can't believe I wasn't already signed up. :) Something you don't know about me.....I am horribly afraid of bugs...especially big ones and stinging ones. Glad we are moving back to Florida. ;)

    Miss you, Runyan and oh I guess Jason too...come visit us in central FL when we get there

  8. YAY Everyone!! Thanks for playing... we're at 43... so we still have a ways to go until it's over and I draw some winners!

  9. Hmmm ~ it's been so long since you've been nearby I can't remember what things you know about me and what things you don't know about me ~ maybe you don't know that because I love to travel (though due to budget constraints I haven't lately) ~ I have in my lifetime visited at least 38 states (including Hawaii, in particular the island of Molakai), Great Britain, Scotland, Canada, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, and several places in Mexico. And if I could live any of the places I've visited (and have all my close friends and family live nearby) it would definitely be Molakai. It was not only beautiful but it was (other than the prices) like stepping back in time there. There were no traffic lights on the whole island. Almost no tourists (I actually went with a church group to help with VBS/backyard Bible clubs and repainting the church). I ended up being selected (though I wasn't thoroughly convinced I wanted to be chosen) to camp on the beach with the youth from the church for 4 nights. I was so glad to have been chosen. I really enjoyed it ~ I got to see stars I had never seen before (they literally can't be seen from the other parts of the world I had previously visited). You could see Lanai and Maui from where we camped. O and I don't think I hardly heard a cross word between any of the youth (almost 50 of them). It was amazing (and they weren't all church members either)... plus if one of them did say something out of turn one of the other kids would correct the one who said it. *sigh* O and in case you knew all that... I don't know if you knew I love to bake almost as much as you like sewing :O)

    ~ CB

  10. ok ~ I also posted you on FB for all my 1000+ friends (mostly gamers) to see... hope some come and leave you a note and follow :O)

  11. Hi Karen ... I'm your newest follower! I know you'll get to the big 50 soon :)
    And your comments on my blog really make me smile!

  12. 1- something you probably don't know about me.... I grew up in South Korea. I was a missionary kid. :)

    2- Does my most recent post count???? :)

  13. Yup Sarah... it TOTALLY counts!! that gives you 2 solid entries!