Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Life is Just a Cup of Cake...

I must admit something to you... when I was little, I never really cared for cupcakes... I know, serious tragedy! Wasn't a "cake" eater... but, I loved doughnuts, chocolates, candy, etc. It wasn't until a few years back, when a friend offered me one of her cupcakes that she slaved in the kitchen baking (yes, I decided to eat one, for her... not for me) that I FELL in LOVE with these yummy little things. Seriously, I'm not sure if it just took the "right" cupcake, or if my taste buds changed, but from that point on... I was ALL about cupcakes!

So, of course on my birthday we had to visit a cupcake shop, and since we were in Seoul for the day, I did a general search before leaving the apartment, and there were MANY blog posts about this particular shop: Life is Just a Cup of Cake. Could the name get any sweeter? It was our first stop on my birthday adventure... and it was such a wonderful place, that I had to write a post solely on it. The owner spoke great English, and there was a huge variety of cupcakes to choose from (Berry, Blueberry Cheesecake, Original Vanilla, All About Chocolate, Carrot, Velvet, Green Tea, Earl Grey Tea...) We're definitely going back, want to join us?

Our beautiful "spread"... before digging in.

Before I was even half way thru with my cupcake, Jason had annihilated his!

This was my choice for my birthday... and it was quite a delicious choice!
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  1. Looks delish! My hubby's the same way. Cleans his plate before I've even taken a third bite.

  2. This little shop is darling! Happy Birthday :)

  3. How sweet! What a cute shoppe!