Monday, June 07, 2010

Piles and Piles...

Well, the move was a success! We made 7 trips all on our own, filled the car with all our "small" stuff on Friday, and early Saturday morning (7:30 am) the Korean moving company came knocking on our door, ready to take on all our "big" stuff. It's amazing how efficient these guys are. I suppose the sticky buns I offered them, helped motivate them to move faster... perhaps! We were all packed up and moved into the house by 12:00 in the afternoon (on the dot). We are LOVING our new home. There are some quirky things about it, but it's what we'll remember about it once we move on to our next assignment. For now, we'll definitely be enjoying our last 2.5 year here. Can you believe it, tomorrow we'll be celebrating being in Korea for 5 months?! Enough rambling, I need to get back to these:

Piles and Piles... are EVERYWHERE!

That means lots of this:
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  1. Moving is the pits. Packing, unpacking.... yep, coffee is a necessity!