Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"shooting" is fun!

Just recently I decided to spend a day away from my sewing (very hard thing to do) and away from the camera ( extremely hard thing to do), and decided to "create" something different. I ended up with two different ideas/creations, and today I'd like to share one with you. The other isn't "quite" ready yet!

I know that I am in the land of the beautiful stationary/paper goods (Korea). But, I couldn't find something that I could pair up with my photography, so that's where the "creating" came into play. I'm no master at graphic design (as you will be able to tell), and I'm certainly not a whiz at "office" programs. However, I thought that these would compliment my client's photo cds well, as a "thank you" for letting me "shoot" them. I just used a google image, and some fun font that I found off the web, and voila!

*Please do not be offended by the "wording" on these... my "love to play with words" and sarcasm is evident in these cards! I am for "shooting" people... but against SHOOTING people. Hope that clarifies a bit. *

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  1. Very cute! I always enjoy your blog!

    Thanks for joining us!


  2. SO CUTE! I love your play on words! :)

    One thing I loooved about growing up in Korea was always having all kinds of cutie stationary!