Saturday, July 24, 2010

All in the details...

Okay, so I'm ALWAYS trying to find props to use for photo sessions these days. It's the new "thing" to me, because I find that "details" make or break a photo. I recently had a maternity session, and wanted to bring something along to add that "fun" element, since we were shooting inside. I love a little playful/whimsy look... and it was tough, thinking about the RIGHT thing to create. I went upstairs into my sewing/crafting room... and looked around at all my junk goodies and figured, I can try and make my own paper bunting. Bunting, listen up men that read my blog...yeah I know there's a few of you , for those that don't know, is usually made with fabric and ribbon, looks like a bunch of flags lined up and hanging together. I'm just now realizing, how horrible I am at describing things. So, maybe you can check out this cute tutorial from Martha.

First things first... pick out your paper that you want to use. And stencil on, letters that spell out whatever you want your bunting to say. Since my client was having a girl, I stenciled out "girl".

Next, you'll want to cut out those letters, and stick to your patterned paper in any which way that you want... I used double stick tape to do the job. I cut out the letters on the patterned paper, in a circular shape, using some decorative scissors... but the sky's the limit... you can make rectangles, stars, flags, etc. Once you have them cut out, add some ribbon holes at the top of each, and string on to your ribbon. Easy peezy!

On another note... I'm constantly looking for great photo props... and if you're a crafter and have a shop (etsy, big cartel, etc.) or know of anyone that might be interested... I'd LOVE to try out your/their product and use in a photo shoot and post/feature you on this blog. Please contact me if you're interested:
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  1. Man, I was having a hard time picturing that... I was thinking a baby bunting - like something you put a baby in! Didn't know that was a bunting too! Enjoyed talking with you today!

  2. As usual I like the black and white one best with the one of the little girl holding the sign as a close second ~ great work ~ CB