Friday, July 30, 2010

Matryoshka Dolls 101

I have enjoyed all of the guessing that has gone on regarding my most recent "creation". Many of you know that the Mr. and I are adopting... but do you know from where? Okay, this is a little hint as to where our "lil' one" is going to be from... however, it's not Russia! They tell us in preparation of bringing that "lil" one home, to get to know the country's culture and traditions and I've been trying my best. Part of that, involves folkart... and that's where this new creation comes in.

This country is best known for, Pysanky, brightly colored and decorated eggs and also Matryoshka dolls (similar to Russian nesting dolls). Since I didn't feel like painting something tiny and delicate, and because I found this random piece of particle board by the garbage and couldn't see it going to waste, I had the Mr. cut out the shape of a Matryoshka doll and went to town.. painting.

Awhile back, I said that I would probably end up painting/using my chalkboard paint in EVERY room of the house, because I hold it that near and dear to my heart. I started by painting this cutout with the chalkboard paint... and then took it from there. I added some acrylic paint on top of the chalkboard, just to brighten it up.

Try not to paint the kitty that perches his body on your project... I told you, he's ALL up in my business lately... perhaps he's already getting jealous of all the attention that future "lil Davis" is getting? Or perhaps he's trying to get me ready for how it'll be when there is a "lil" one running around while I want to craft!
Try the chalkboard out... personalize it...
Might I add... SUPER EASY... and our lil' one is going to have a "one of a kind" chalkboard that'll remind them of where they came from...
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  1. wowowow...that is sooo darn cute. It's refreshing to see people do different kinds of crafts. Not just the same old, same old. Very fun!

  2. Very cool, Karen. Is it Ukraine then? I have a really good friend from there her name is Yaroslava (she goes by Slava) and she has five beautiful children. I've also supported a couple different ministries in that country. In fact, she does beautiful artwork, too, and she's going to do a mural for us in our new house. :O) ~ CB

  3. will you let us know from where your lil' one is coming? I was going to guess Hungary

  4. How exciting! Do you know when you will get your lil' one? I'm guessing Romania or the Czech Republic? Do tell!

  5. i dont think i ever realized you live in south korea! sweeeeet! :)

    and congrats on the adoption process of the lil' one. super exciting!!

  6. So excited for you Karen!! I'm guessing the Ukraine...when is the BIG day?? Again, I am so very happy you have been blessed and can bless another by giving them a wonderful home!