Friday, July 09, 2010


Not only did I capture this fun reflection recently, but I also have been "reflecting" this week on our past 6 months here.

Yup, that's right... we've been living in S. Korea for 6 months! Time really is going by quickly. To think that half a year has disappeared from us, that we only have 2.5 years left here, and of how much has happened since Germany... wow, Germany... it sounds so distant now.

The first few weeks, at this new assignment, I thought, "Man, I miss this... Man I miss that... " and now it's funny, I know in my mind that I miss things, but to pin point EXACTLY what I miss is getting tougher to do. I miss Germany/Netherlands as a whole... and not just specifics. I thought about writing a list, but it would take me FOREVER (perhaps I'll do that at my yearly reflection).

For now, I can tell you this... God has definitely put us here for a specific reason, and He has been blessing us every step of the way. Amazing friends that He knew we needed at this point in our lives are just "popping" up, and it's amazing to see those friendships "take off" as they have in just these few short weeks/months. We are amazed EVERYDAY by this culture... the people are absolutely beautiful, and they take care of one another. The food... well, you know how I feel about the food. It's simply "made" for these taste buds. And the sights... I wish I carried around my camera more often than I do. You get the point, right?? ...I LOVE THIS PLACE.

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  1. GREAT picture! And nice to hear your thoughts.