Saturday, July 10, 2010

Side of the Road...

I was driving home today, after a wonderful photo shoot... photographed a beautiful family, who is adding to their family any day now... and low and behold what did I drive by?

Yes, I did drive by many rice paddy fields... yes, I did pass a farm that stank of cow poop and horse manure mixed together...

Okay.. okay... the only thing left in these pictures are the bikes. For a second I thought I was transported back to the Netherlands. Food, architecture, open markets, fields and nature Bikes were my FAVORITE thing to photograph while we were stationed in Europe. The colors, styles, and people riding the bikes were always so unique. To have seen these beauties on the side of the road, was a real treat... I pulled a U-ey and headed back, I mean... why not, I had my camera in the car.
The crazy part... I don't remember seeing any tricycles... So this made it an EXTRA special treat. Loved the old rusty baskets that were attached to them. Also, do you see the "shovel" detail on the black bike?
While I was finishing up drooling over photographing these beauties, the owners (who were obviously working in the rice paddy field down in the ditch, were giving me strange looks. Pretty much wanted them to know that I wasn't going to steal their bikes, even though the thought crossed my mind. So, I was sure to give them the sweet American smile, showed them my camera, pointed to their bikes, and offered them a 안녕하세요 /an-niyong- ha-say-yo. Yes, that means "Hello" in Korean.. and yes, that's all I know how to say, to date.

They sure did smile back, and laughed too... I'm glad to have given someone "entertainment" today... What we do for the perfect pictures.
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  1. You need to come to germany and teach me how to use my camera LOL I'm "ok" with the camera but not nearly as good as I wana be ;-)

    I love the bikes!

  2. What beautiful pictures!!! I didn't know old rusty bikes could be such a cool subject to photograph!!!

  3. nice pictures, love your last paragraph, about trying to convince the owners you werent trying to steal their bikes:) Its a beautiful thing the way people that dont speak the same language manage to comunicate without words