Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brown Thumb vs. Green Thumb

We have had so much rain in the past few weeks (thanks to monsoon season)... but the last few days, have actually been hot, humid, and the sun is shining! I just want to share the difference between me (a brown thumb gardener) and my neighbors (amazing green thumb gardeners)...

{my poor lavenders are dead... pretty sure they were like this before the rain came}

Now let's walk down the street and see how all this rain and sunshine has had an effect on my neighbor's gardens...
Man, oh man... I can only wish to have as "green" of a thumb as these folks have! Any tips would be greatly appreciated...
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  1. I am black-thumbed too. My SUCCLENT died. And they are supposed to live forever!

    Your parents' garden is awesome!

  2. I always thought I was a brown thumb but have recently discovered that I'm actually a little green.

    Practice! Practice! Practice! Just like you do with your camera.

    Some things will die (most of my stuff died at first), but eventually some things will stay alive!

    Good Luck!