Friday, July 23, 2010

Worth the Wait pt. 3

This will be my closing post of that "adorable" lovey dovey couple that I recently photographed. Have I mentioned in the previous posts how cute they are?!? They call eachother, "Handsome" and "Lovely"... and ADORE one another. Seriously, what an awesome couple. When "handsome" proposed to "lovely", there was a picnic involved, while the sun was setting. So, of course I HAD to recreate that for them as the last part of our photo session! Enjoy these last few...
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  1. OMG. I looove these!!! =D

  2. Soooo cute! Of course, that is my brother so I am certianly biased. ;-) Your use of everyday items for props is perfect. I appreciate that you use your crafts to create unique items for shoots. When you are back in the states...