Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Partay" details...a tutorial/giveaway

I'm putting some details together for a very special "partay" that we're having at our house next weekend. I'll reveal what the "partay" is after it happens and I have pictures to share of the event. For now, I'm working on some decorations... and because I have a HUGE bin of fabric scraps that I really need to use up, I've decided to try my hand at some simple/easy fabric garlands/bunting.

Here's how I put it together... super simple, and super easy... I had it sewn within 15 minutes after I had all the fabric ironed and cut out. If you keep your fabric scraps a little neater than I do, than it won't take as long... see why it took me forever?
Grab some string.... I used some of my packaging string, but just about anything that is fairly durable will work! (Hint: Keep it away from your furry four legged friends.. if you have one)
Pick out the fabric that you want, iron, and cut into squares. Depending on big you want your flags to be... will depend on how big your square is. If you want to follow what I did, cut your scraps, 7 inch squares and finish edges with pinking sheers... or in my case, I had a handy dandy Martha Stewart pinking edge rotary blade that worked wonders! Iron your squares in halves, so you have triangles.

Put the flags in order, and start sewing (with the string positioned in the middle, dividing the frontside and backside).
Hang up (outside or inside)... mine only stayed up for the photograph, since we're supposed to get some rain soon... also, I'll be hanging mine from the upper deck for the "partay."

Now, here comes the giveaway part of this post. I'm trying to get rid of MORE scraps... and I'd like to make some fabric flag bunting for YOU... Winner will get their color choice.

To enter:
1. For one entry, comment and let me know what color bunting you would like... and what would you do with it?
2. Blog or facebook about this giveaway, and leave a SEPARATE comment saying that you did so.
3. Follow my blog (if you're not a follower already) and comment telling me, "I'm a new follower"

Giveaway ends...August 26th!

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  1. Love the bunting...I would love it in Green...and of course for a party maybe to celebrate Dale coming home in Oct after sos....
    Love ya girlie!

  2. very cute Karen! I love greens, oranges, reds, yellows. Well I was thinking of Lily's birthday in October, but then I thought about having a "kids day". When we need cheering up from the newness of our situation or if we invited some new kid friends over it would add some colored fun.

  3. Aww, very cute! I don't think it ever would have occurred to me to create party decorations like that. You amaze me! Oh, and by the way, I'm following your blog now. (You said new followers were supposed to tell you, so there you go...)

    I'll most likely plan a party of some sort for Kevin's birthday in November, so I guess I would need decorations for that. As far as colors go, I'd most likely do a multi-colored thing...just random scraps. Kevin likes orange a lot, so I'd have to make sure there was orange in the mix.

    Have a great day! See you on Sunday at MBC!

    Heather Dunlop

  4. I like blues and greens, and I'd use it for Elysianne's birthday party!

  5. and I facebooked about it. now I have to win, right? :-)

    miss you, Karen! Say hi to my friend Melinda Parker if you meet her at MBC this week. She's new.

  6. ok lady..I posted to my Facebook wall too. :)

  7. That's really cool Karen and I would love something done in primary colors so that I could use it repeatedly for any sort of fun day ~ like E's birthday or a BBQ or a housewarming party (which I'm way past due for) ;o)
    ~ Cindy B (from PC)

  8. Posted on FB :O)
    ~Cindy B :O)

  9. I'm a new follower! I love black and white... fun, chic and goes with everything. Thanks for the chance to win. CUTE idea! Wish I could sew!

    ps.. I'm Liz's cousin. :)

  10. I'm not entering...I have to many of my own scraps but thanks for the I know what to do with them!!! ~Tini
    PS: You know you could always sew various fabrics together and make more of those headbands with them..make them real colorful!

  11. I love it Karen!

    I would love it in reds and greens. I would use it as a Christmas decoration (:

  12. right now i'm all about corals, yellows, and oranges, so that's what color! :) think starbursts haha

  13. Hey Karen! love the idea! i wold love fall colors and use it to decorate for debs bridal shower, love, lori

  14. sweet karen davis! you know, of course, that i LOVE all things orange (and red...and yellow). if i won i would use those buntings to decorate my cubicle and through an "Office" party that would make Michael Scott proud!

  15. i posted on facebook...and i hate not winning :)
    just sayin...