Friday, September 03, 2010

Raining Globs of Fobs

Recently I've been lending a hand/volunteering my time with the church's MOPS group... for those that aren't familiar, it's a Mother of Pre-Schoolers group. Yes, I don't have any children... and yes, sometimes it's weird for me to be helping out with the ladies. But, I think it's a phenomenal program the church offers (it's been a lifesaver to my sister who has 5 children!), the ladies are amazing, and since our adoption is on it's way, I'll be part of this community soon enough!

Well, they needed an item that could be used as the birthday gift to the ladies each month, and one of the moms recommended "fobs". I didn't have the hardware, but she did, so I volunteered my time at the sewing machine... because you know me, I need any excuse to be near and dear to my little "baby"... and created 30 of these beauties in just a little bit of time. We've had a lot of rain/typhoon (and another coming next week!) and so I needed something to fill up my time. They're each unique and one of a kind, and I'm quite pleased with how they turned out. Take a look...
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  1. They are too darn cute and I CAN'T wait to get one!!


  2. are these for keys, karen? if so, i would LOVE one...

  3. Okay, I don't get to go to MOPS this year since my kids are in school, so I want to buy one from you! Plus, I want to buy a crayon holder for Sydney. Do I just go to your ETSY site, or can I just come shop at your house?? LOL!

  4. yup, these are for your keys!! I still have to attach the keychain part of it! these are for the MOPS ladies... but I'm ordering some hardware tonight, and as soon as I receive... I will make and put in the shop! Or Franny... you could come shop at my house ;)