Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Air Power Day

This weekend we had "Air Power Day"... pretty much our Air Show here at Osan AB. All were welcome, and boy did the Koreans just stream in. The base opened up one of the gates, and there was a steady flow of Koreans (and some American teachers/missionaries that aren't military affiliated) coming in from 9- 3 in the afternoon. It was amazing! The hubby and I were there early, to set up his work's fundraising table (can you believe they surpassed their $ goal $ on just the first day of the weekend?), and then spent the rest of the afternoon taking in all the views. There were many static displays, tons of food, a fun show from ROKAF's Black Eagles, and even a performance by "Michael Jackson"...

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  1. Wow! Amazing photos! I was disappointed that we couldn't go because of out school picnic. My hometown was an airbase in the states and it was a big deal to go to the air show :) Next year, I hope!

  2. Awesome pictures Karen! I'm a little partial to the F-16, but they are all amazing!!! :)

  3. please tell me that's a fake snake!
    great photos...as an USAF brat, I always dig and air show!