Thursday, October 28, 2010

Guest Blogger: My Furry 4 Legged Friend

I couldn't have completed my 1st blogiversary properly, without having some photos from my dear furry four-legged friend. He begged and pleaded to have the spotlight on usual!

He wants my female readers to listen up... and to come a little closer so he can share something with you...

I don't know about you, but I'm sure happy that it's the season for pants... and so are my legs...maybe not my hubby...but he'll get over it, I mean I did live through "Mustache March" !
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  1. BAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHHA! Karen, this is absolutely hilarious!

    and i totally agree with Runyan!

  2. <33333333333 Lil Runyan!!! Miss him!

  3. Mustache March is almost as bad as "No Shave November"

  4. Mr. Runyan looks like he might like to cuddle... and I like kitties that cuddle :D

  5. Ah...Runyan is so wise. I love this Karen...only wish it would cool down here in centeral FL so I could enjoy that. :)

  6. I saw a link to your website on and will now be a follower. (I loved your corkboard makeover. ... and anyone who features pictures of a cute cute cat deserves my undivided attention ;)