Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Lorax Project: Repurposing A Gum Ball Dispenser

A very long time ago, I picked up a fun little red gum ball dispenser from an auction (this is when we lived in Florida). I had intentions of using it... to dispense gum balls... but do you know how difficult it is to find the correct size gum ball to fit inside my little dispenser? I have searched high and low, and haven't come across any, and yet, I'm not willing to part with this cute little trinket. I have a tendency to use objects for something other than what they are intended for... it's just my thing. One day I'll take you on a tour of my home front, and will show you everything that's used for something other than what they were made for. So, I decided this cute little dispenser needed a new purpose, and here's what I came up with... for now (since I always change my mind!)

For now, it's going to be the keeper of my "K.Davis" sewing tags... because my tags are so colorful, I'm going to play "Make Believe" and pretend they are scrumptious little gum balls! I'm also throwing around the idea of using it to hold bobbins of thread. It's a cute way to display any old thing, but for now... it's home is in my sewing room.

If you were the owner of a red gum ball dispenser, what would you use it for?
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  1. cotton balls, wine corks, M & M's to name a few

  2. I have one of those from when I was a child it's purple... inside, in the bottom it should have a way to adjust the opening so you can allow different sized things in it... you can use it for peanuts, and I used to find the gumballs at dollar stores but honestly I haven't put anything in mine in a while either... it's cute the way you have it though. ~Cindy B in PC :O)