Friday, October 01, 2010

Mastering "Self Portraits"= fail

I have not yet, mastered the art of the "self-portrait"... I'm not sure if I ever will. I just can't seem to grip my big ol' DSLR with one hand, hold it far away from my body... and snap a picture. Add into the mix that I shoot manually, and it makes the task impossible. Mirrors are the next best way to photograph yourself... and although I have a couple in the house, it's a lot more fun to find some outside. Next time, I might have to bring a moisture wipe to get the film off this bad boy. Are you good at self-portraits? Any tips/advice that you can pass along?

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  1. switch to automatic! :)

  2. (Nichole) Invest in a tripod...they work wonders! :) And self-portraits can be done in manual, it just takes playing around with. I've done it before, several times...just keep at it and you'll eventually get it!