Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tutorial: Corkboard Makeover

I don't know about you... sometimes it gets pretty boring staring at cork board that is dull/lacking in color, and uninspiring. There are so many things you can do with a simple roll of cork, some tiny clothespins, thumbtacks, washi tape (or decorative duct tape), string, and photos! Here's a new look I gave my cork board... the possibilities are truly endless.

You'll need: a roll of cork and old frame-unless you already have a framed cork board (Paint up the frame with a fun bright color. I chose a "robin's egg blue", some small clothespins (paint them up so that they're fun and full of life), Japanese washi tape (which I purchased from here) or a printed masking tape, some thumbtacks, string, and a strong glue adhesive.

After gathering all your items, start by gluing those thumbtacks to the back of the clothespins. You can make a whole bunch, to be used for other projects, or stick to however many you would like for your cork board. I made 6. Let them dry for awhile, before actually using them.

Next, pick out whatever Japanese washi tape/decorative masking tape that you have. Washi tape is sold ALL over the internet right's HUGE, and especially can be found on Etsy. As for decorative masking tape, your local Target, Walmart, Home Depot should sell some. My washi tape was ordered from here, and arrived in my box on base 7 days after I placed the order! Super stellar customer service, great prices, and the packaging was WAY cute when it showed up.

Then, you'll want to cut a couple 1 inch pieces from each tape roll and prepare the order that you want the flag bunting to go. Cut your desired length of string, and start applying the tape to the string, by using folding the tape in half around the string. Cut the ends of the tape to a point, to create the "flag" look. Continue until you've reached the end of your string.
Clip the ends of your flag bunting, onto two of the clothespins, and Voila... you have a nearly finished decorated cork board.

Lastly, hang up some fun photos on the board... I printed mine in B&W so that it wouldn't take away from the colors that I already added to my fun cork board.

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  1. i love this! i'm gonna do it for school!

  2. never knew they made decorative masking tape! Love it!

  3. way cool ~ had no idea they made tape in so many options :O)

  4. now I'm going to go get some stuff tomorrow to make this :P

  5. This is awesome! I love the little banner!