Saturday, December 25, 2010

"29" reasons...

Today is my hubby's "29th" birthday... the last year before the big 3-0! I can't believe when we met we were only 20! Last year on his "28th" birthday, I shared with you "28 reasons why I love this man"... I find it only appropriate that I keep with this theme, and share with you 29 reasons...I'm going to try real hard, but there shouldn't be any duplicates from last year!

29. He makes an amazing "Captain 1 eye" for breakfast (if you've never had MUST!)
28. He's a hard worker (sometimes too much)...but he puts his ALL into everything he does.
27. He hangs pictures on the wall perfectly (even though he hates doing it).
26. He's a great navigator... was able to successfully bring me to the world's largest craft market in Seoul (transferring like 4 different subway lines) and we never once got lost!
25. He brought me to the world's largest craft market in Seoul for my birthday, and never once complained that we were there for too long (yup... 3 hours later...)
24. He breaks awkward silences really well...
23. He's honest... brutally honest, which I need!
22. He has a new passion for coffee (which has always been MY passion)...we get along great now!
21. He's adventurous (will try any side dish that is laid in front of him at any Korean restaurant!)
20. He's smoking hot every time that uniform is worn.
19. He knows when I need some "uplifting"...
18. He's NOT electronically-challenged (not like me... I take forever to figure things out).
17. He's current... keeps up with what's "in"...especially when it comes to social media.
16. He can create the logo for Coors Light with an old scar on his face (youdon't believe me...check out this photo-right between his eyes!)
15. He's really good at improvising (like MacGyver)
14. He's one of my biggest fans...
13. He has the sweetest smile in the world, and it makes me smile when I see it.
12. His laugh is contagious.
11. He's a really good massager, even though he hates massaging.
10. He looks really sexy with a beard..but not just any beard... only this beard!
9. He's playful!
8. He gives great big hugs.
7. He helps me finish the food on my plate (even when it's my ice cream and I didn't really need help finishing it.)
6. He loves to sleep... which makes me feel better about taking naps :)
5. He still opens car doors for me.
4. He appreciates anything I cook for him.
3. His heart is really huge...
2. He is going to make the best "papa" EVER when that time comes... because he's a big kid at heart.
1. HAVE to duplicate last year's #1.. He LOVES the Lord with ALL his heart...

Happy Birthday sweet husband of mine... x0x0

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  1. I LOVE this!!! What was his birthday present!??!?!

  2. Awww, so sweet! Such a cute homage to your man :-)