Thursday, December 23, 2010


I was invited by a dear friend to see "The Nutcracker" at the Universal Arts Center in Seoul yesterday... one word for how I felt about the whole production: MAGICAL... There's nothing like seeing a performance like that, surrounded by little ones who were WAY excited about it, like I was...and who were humming along with the music and swaying (really wishing that they could dance in their seats). The dancers were graceful, the music was enchanting, the costumes were eye candy... I even enjoyed the fact that all the adult dancers wore wigs so that they could have "blonde" or different shades of coloredhair (Korean dancers and their dark locks). I loved seeing the moms with all their little girls... made me completely excited to start a tradition like that with my little one when the time comes!

(I was only allowed to take pictures during "curtain call" that's pretty much all you get to see..but enjoy!)

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  1. SO awesome, I just saw the Nutcracker too :-)

    So fun (especially during the Holidays)!