Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lists/Predictions/Resolutions... Happy 2012!

Wow, welcome 2012! We didn't quite make it to "ring in the new year" at midnight. Charlotte passed out by 10, and I followed at 11:00 pm. But we did shout "Happy New Year" to one another this morning... and we didn't feel quite sleep deprived! We'll just enjoy our sparkling apple juice with dinner this evening. A new year, means new to-do lists/resolutions/predictions/etc.... and I think for this new year, for 2012, I just plan on taking one day at a time. However, I have one prediction for you...

"Oh hey... Happy New Year... I'm just showing you how well I stretch out and fit on a stair."

"Yup, my toes nearly touch the end... soon Mama can say I'm a stair length long... if people measured themselves by stair lengths... hmm... that sounds weird."

"But... back to what Mama was saying... she says she has a prediction for 2012... what might that be Mama?"

".... seriously... I'm waiting here... not going anywhere... "

Prediction for 2012: I'm pretty sure this belly is going to grow even more so than it already has!

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Escaping Responsibilities..

It's amazing, how in the half year that we've had Charlotte, how we've barely escaped the responsibilities that come along with the new title as "Mama" or "Dada"... usually, one of us gives the other a break, or we leave Charlie with a friend for an hour here or an hour there... but last night, our sweet friend Lauren took our little one off of our hands for us, so we could have a date night. Not only that, but she kept the little bug ALL night, so we could SLEEP IN! I usually let the hubby sleep in as much as he can on the weekends, so this was RIGHT UP MY ALLEY! Being overseas, without family support around, it's difficult to "get away"... but my sweet friend so willingly gave herself... her time, and I couldn't say "no"... with the hubby's departure for 6 months coming soon, I took her up on the offer. We packed C's basket full of all of her things, and some yummy dinner for the two of them to enjoy, dropped her off (she was SO excited to get rid of "Mama" and "Dada"), and then made our way "downtown".

As we sat in the car, driving over, we were trying to decide where to eat? hmm... you see, Charlotte isn't difficult to take out to eat... she eats everything, and most of the time, sits still, like a lady... so it was tough figuring out where to eat, that we normally wouldn't eat with her... As we made our way out of the car, took out a little cash at the ATM, I looked over to my left, and realized, "SUSHI"... so that's where we made our way... It felt so strange walking and holding hands, without a little one between us. It felt so strange to not have to worry about cutting up someone's meal before enjoying my own. You know, those little responsibilities you get so "used" to...

halfway through the meal, I looked at my fingers and realized I wasn't wearing my wedding/engagement ring...and then I looked at my hubby's fingers, and the same went for him! Yes, it really did feel like we were "dating"... totally not done on purpose.

It's amazing how much you miss being able to sit in the quiet, and enjoy a cup of coffee... so we did that as well...

Such a super sweet night, filled with reminiscing, sharing Charlotte stories (it's inevitable that you will talk about your child ), and cuddling... It was hard not to find myself thinking about my love leaving for 6 months... and there may or may not have been a crying meltdown on my part while snuggling together. But I savored as much as I could, including sleeping in until 9:30 this morning! I enjoyed a cup of coffee, catching up on some of my favorite blogs, edited a few photos, and then started this post, before picking Charlie up from her sleepover. It's amazing how much we missed the "noise" that comes along with Charlie, and as soon as we picked her up, we felt complete again. All those little responsibilities came flooding back in, and it just felt as it's supposed to now.
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Not So Hidden...

Charlotte and I played a game of "Hide and Seek" today... she didn't do so well... unless her goal was for me to find her!

Playing this game with her today... reminded me of a few things... how we can NEVER fully hide who we are from God. That we're completely transparent to Him, full of sin, darkness and yuckiness (Charlotte says it's a word)... and yet He still seeks us out. He's a PERFECT, LOVING, ALL MIGHTY God... do we seek Him?

Matthew 6:33: " But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you."
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Monday, December 26, 2011

Young At Heart

Yesterday we celebrated a birthday in our household. Since we've adopted Charlotte, the only other birthday we've celebrated has been her own (and she really didn't understand the concept at all.) We've been letting her watch a Sesame Street episode lately, that all is all about birthdays, "Stinky's Birthday"... and we think she is STARTING to understand it. She was so excited this morning when she came downstairs to wake us up... she came right in to the room, wishing Dada a "Happy Birthday". We started the day off with a cup of coffee, and an omelet with sausage and birthday candles. Since the hubby has a Physical Fitness test in less than a week, we had to keep the cake away. But, we'll be sure to bake him something delicious for the moment after he passes his test.

Presents were handed out... and then we were on our way to start our day... (after we eased into our morning of course... )

We stopped for some scrumptious Indian cuisine before heading to the arcade.

One of the hubby's presents was to "stay young at heart"... so we took him to his favorite... an arcade, where he could spend $10.00 however he pleased.

and before we made our way home... we made our way to Starbucks for an afternoon cup of coffee... while Charlie annihilated a chocolate muffin!

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

shhhh... a secret

{Nudge} {Nudge} by Mama

Oh hi there...

... do my pigtails look okay? are my glasses straight and not blurry? Are you listening to what I'm about to tell you.. it's kind of monumental. Come a little closer please... this is a secret after all...

Great... you're just close enough... shh... don't tell anyone, it's a secret... but my Dada, he turned "30" today...

That's right... the big "3" "0" ...

Wait... hang on... let me make sure I got that right...

Yup, there's no mistake... my Dada is "30" today!

Nothing to worry about Dada... I heard it's the new "20" !

We LOVE you... and we are so excited to celebrate this special day with you...

Mama and Me (your little Charlie)
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Christmas 2011

Not sure if many know... but we actually celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. It's a tradition I grew up with (totally the Germany side of me), and it's a tradition that the hubby had NO problem joining in on. We still have a wonderful Christmas day... but the gifts are all opened on the Eve. We spend Christmas Day reflecting on Christ... snuggling/cuddling/relaxing... and Charlotte LOVED every moment of this sweet arrangement. She doesn't understand everything, but that doesn't mean we don't explain it to her over and over again... one day she will.

1 John 5:11
"And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son."

Sometimes playing with the wrapping, is way more fun than the actual present... especially if it resembles her "glasses"...

Grammy "D" this is how Charlotte REALLY feels about the elf...

Christmas morning, the little one slept until 8:15... came downstairs, got ready for church, and played with her new toys. She just adores everything, and even more so, her new dress, and first time wearing tights.

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