Monday, January 31, 2011

Made it to Boracay...

We made it to Boracay and when I say it's a beautiful place... that's an understatement... I won't be blogging too much while we are here...for once, because we're on vacation, and secondly, because the internet is WAY too slow to upload photos to this blog! So, I'm going to try and stick with a photo a day... let's face it, there might be more than one photo a day, because you know I can't help myself . It'll be for family and friends to see what we're up to, and for those interested in island life! For now, I can tell you... we are safe and sound.

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I shared with you all the "Crazy Mess" that I make in my sewing room on this post, but since then, I've done a little cleaning. Eventually I'll share with you/reveal what my sewing room/place of creativity looks like, but for now, I want to share some very important clipboards withyou. I hang 4 on the wall that's right next to my sewing machine. I call these my "Inspiration Boards"... I try and change them out every season...or every few months. Amidst the cleaning I swapped out my "inspiration" and here's what I have on them right now.

First two boards: 1."Stitch" magazine- I know it's an oldie... if you love to sew, this magazine is a MUST for you. It's still up on one of my boards, because there are 2 more patterns I'd like to try out before retiring the magazine. 2. Some embroidery that I have been working on. I LOVE dandelions when they are ready to be "blown"!

Last two boards: 3. Some sweet lyrics from Plain White T's, "Rhythm of Love"... such a fun song to sew to, and not tomention it's the month of LOVE! 4. a FREE printable from sweet "Oh, Sweet Joy's" blog... there are a couple different styles, but I LOVED the color on this one, and this saying is something I definitely need to practice more often.

Everything is starting to have a "Home" in my room... a little sneak at how the cleaning/organizing is coming along.
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Off We Go...and a *GIVEAWAY* for the road!

Well in almost 12 hours, we'll be heading off "the peninsula"... driving to the bus station, grabbing a bus to the airport, flying south, then "biking" over to the port area to board a boat to the island of Boracay (for those not so world-savvy) . From there, by foot, we'll find our "home" for the next 11 nights. People, have I told you... this is HUGE. It's the first vacation for the hubby and I in Southeast Asia, in a little over a year. Yes, he's a workaholic, and yes, I'm not sure what he's going to do without his work... but I think he'll enjoy it... I hope he enjoys it. I certainly will celebrate being able to spend SO much time with him and will love EVERY minute of it! Also, this is our last vacation (more than likely) before it's no longer just "him and I" anymore. So, I suppose you could call this our "baby-moon... or toddler/childmoon" (Since we're still unsure which age Ukraine will give us!)

I'll be in touch while I'm gone (I'm going to try and post a picture a stay tuned), but in the meantime, won't you celebrate this last adventure as just the "hubby and I" with me, by joining in on a giveaway! When I went to China with some ladies, I brought back giveaway goodies, and so I'd like to do the same for our adventure in the Philippines. I KNOW I'll be coming home with some sweet treasures for one of my lucky readers.... so here's how to enter:

- Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect and let me know in a comment.

- Tell me what your dream vacation would be-all the details, in a comment.

- Follow me on twitter-and tell me you do so in a comment: @kdaviscreates

- Tweet about this giveaway and let me know in a separate comment! You can use:

" Do you want some goodies from the Philippines? "

- Facebook or Blog about this giveaway, and leave a separate comment.

That gives you the possibility of entering 6 times! on, who will I bring these goodies home for? Giveaway ends on 11 February when we get back to Korea!

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Card Exchange

Created these lovelies for some sweet ladies that were on my snail mail list, from a card exchange that I recently joined in on. I had a million and one ideas on the type of card that I wanted to create, and what I wanted to write inside. But, with the adoption on the horizon... I had Ukrainian matroyshka dolls on my mind... and so these ladies are stuck with some sweet nesting doll cards! I hope that when they look at them they'll remember to pray for Ukraine, and all the children that are waiting for their forever families... If not, they'll certainly have a sweet little decoration to hang in their office-or use as a bookmark! On Valentine's Day I'll be posting about all the sweet cards that make their way to South Korea. Such a sweet idea that Ashley, a blogger friend, came up with! Can't wait to share with you all the snail mail that I have coming my way!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Celebrate Winter

The last few weeks have been crazy cold here in Korea. We arrive here in the cold last year, but somehow my mind completely blocked out how "cold" it really felt. You know how that happens when something traumatic happens?... well, apparently that's how my mind felt about the cold. It's been in the single digits, and then with the wind chill, it goes below... that's Coooooold. But, it doesn't stop me from getting some fresh air every now and again. The other day I challenged myself to step out of the house for a half an hour walk. Of course I brought along my camera. The one thing I don't like right now, is how white everything is. Occasionally, I saw some pops of colors, and HAD to photograph them. But for now, celebrate the "white" with me... Celebrate Winter.

What does it look like on your part of the world during the winter time?
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Crazy Mess

I have neglected my sewing area SO much lately...fabric is EVERYWHERE... my inspiration boards haven't been switched out with "new" inspiration... there are things that need a "home"... and I just lack organization. Sounds like the story of my life. I have never been one to have order. I always let my "free" spirit and my "eh, it'll be there tomorrow" side, get the best of me. Why am I so content sewing in such a crazy mess? It's definitely time to get it organized, and I thought I would start off with some "before" photos. Not sure how long this little adventures is going to take me. I leave for vacation with the hubby in under a week, and always LOVE coming home to a clean house. I suppose that's motivation enough. So, I know what I'll be doing ALL of Wednesday! (sorry for the shabby pictures, but they were taken at night...)

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Paper Tape

While I was out with some of my favorite ladies the other night (Friday to be specific) we did a little shopping. Low and behold...guess what I found? Yup, Korea's version of Japanese Washi Tape... except, it was WAY wider... and just as cute. I picked up 3 different rolls, and might have to go back for more. I LOVE to use this stuff to package up my products, and to use in crafts, and to decorate birthday gifts... their are endless possibilities when paper tape is involved!

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More Sneaks...

I have been having so much fun putting some projects together for our "soon-to-be" little one's room... and I have a couple more sneaks for you, before I do a reveal of the bedding... Man, seriously... if we bring home boys, they're either going to love all this pink, or I'm in trouble! I also was at our base's thrift store a few weeks ago (man it feels like just the other day), and found this awesome snap jar that fits with my color scheme perfectly! Hmm... what to put inside it?

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FOBulous new fabric selections!

Recently made some key fobs with some new fabric selections- all with Amy Butler fabric. They are now available in the shop...sold either separately, or you can have them all... your choice!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shopping Conundrums...

The air here is CRAZY dry... remember how I said I've been so itchy lately in this post? Well, I finally gave in to my hubby's plea for a humidifier. Yes, it might have been because I was starting to wake up with nose bleeds and sore throats, and yes because I was sick of hearing him complain of a sore/dry throat... So off I went to the Korean version of Walmart, "HomePlus", and as I stood in front of the humidifiers in the electronics section, I was plagued by the lack of choices/options I had. I could either spend over 100+ dollars (or in the case, it would be 145,000 Korean won) and have a "normal" looking humidifier... or I could spend 50.00 on one that would do the same job as the other, but was lacking in the aesthetics department...or rather, was overkill on the aesthetics. What was I to do? Since we're trying to save a little (you know, for the adoption and all), I just HAD to go with the cheaper of the two. So, we are now the proud owners of this gorgeous humidifier... Be jealous friends.. be very very jealous...

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Life Book

Part of preparing yourself, your home, and just keeping busy during the adoption "wait" time, they tell you recommend that you create a "Life Book" for your little one(s)... It's inevitable, one day our little one(s) are going to have questions. Questions of where they came from, who they came from, etc. Life books are looked at as being the "bridge to your child's beginnings". It's celebrating your child's past, as well as their future... and you all know I'm all about CELEBRATING! Every tiny piece of information/detail you have for them, is precious.

So tonight, I started to put together a book.. okay, I just worked on the cover... but, I'll be getting to the inside (especially journaling while we're on vacation). I'll be using some scrapbooking techniques/skills to get the pages to look all spiffy and what not, but I think the fun part will be filling in all the pages about our child's past. It's crazy to think that they are "more than likely" in their orphanage RIGHT now... that they have gone through something tragic to have brought them there. Most countries send referrals of children to waiting adoptive parents, but Ukraine doesn't work that way. A few weeks after our dossier is registered (ours will be on March 31), we will receive a letter/call from Ukraine telling us our "Appointment Date". That date will be the day that we will meet with the State Director of Adoptions in Ukraine and they will lay in front of us who they feel meets our needs, wants, desires, etc. Crazy isn't it? This is where total trust in God comes into play... because without it, I can see how MANY couples would worry over this part. But in the end, HE is in control... how awesome is that? (If we come home with a boy, that is TOTALLY God, because we have our hopes set on a girl...but honestly, we'll be happy either way! Might have to do a TON of redecorating... but I can handle that!)

Here's a sneak peek of some of the bedding that I'm working on.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Roll-Ups

The other day, I sewed up some of these lovelies for the shop, and I listed them a few minutes ago. Crayon rolls are SO much fun, and they make perfect birthday gifts for all of our "little" friends. I made a few "boy" and a few "girl" and there's even one that I would say is for either!
Thankfully my sewing machine let me finish them, before it decided it was DONE with me. Having some issues with my bobbin case. I tried to act like Mac Gyver (and glue gunned a piece that needed some extra length on it-the piece was completely worn down to almost nothing).... but it seems as though glue wears off just as quickly! It was only a temporary fix... so it looks like I'll have to order a new part.

In the meantime, I'll be busy painting, organizing, and CLEANING...since I won't have a sewing machine to distract me!

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Work It

"I see you over there... no, not you fabric.. I'll get to you later... You ... furriness... Yes, I'm talking to you..."

"Now that I have your attention... work the camera... "

"Work it..."

"Now strike a pose... (This is Runyan's Blue Steel!)"

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Adoption Update

Well, it seems as though, for the time being, that the adoption moratorium vote in Ukraine has been postponed. They have been pushing it back, and pushing it back... and now there is no re-schedule date. That being said, we'd LOVE for your continued prayer during this time. March 31st our dossier is being registered and we should hear from Ukraine a few weeks after, regarding our travel date. I'm really hoping that by the beginning of the summer, we should have lil' Davis or Davis' . I'll keep you updated on the situation of that moratorium bill, but for now, we continue to move forward with the adoption through faith.

That being said... I have LOTS to accomplish over the next few weeks/months, in the lil' ones room! I want it to be simple and fun, and inviting for them when they come home. We requested a girl...and so we're going to press with a girl theme... but, there's always a chance that we'll come home with boy(s)...God's totally in control!

This is what I have to work with over the next few weeks... there will be TONS of tutorials (how to create things that I'm adding to the room) and there will also be TONS of reveals!

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Bow Journal

So I've decided to experiment some more with bows, and created a journal... I think I'm a big fan... I made one to go on vacation with me, and made one for the shop! Of course, I used some of my very favorite fabric by Amy Butler, and I think I'll make a bunch more soon. Let me know what you think, would ya?

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Near and Dear

A week or so before Christmas I had the pleasure of taking some photos for a family that is near and dear to my heart... you see, this family was my very first family to photograph! I've taken pictures of their daughter (the new big sis) by herself, of them as a family, and now of their newest addition! I feel honored to have been able to meet their lil' guy before they leave Korea in the next couple of weeks. I had to share these with you...they were too precious not to. I'm sure going to miss this family... but you know what they say? The Air Force is a small "place"...

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