Thursday, January 27, 2011

Celebrate Winter

The last few weeks have been crazy cold here in Korea. We arrive here in the cold last year, but somehow my mind completely blocked out how "cold" it really felt. You know how that happens when something traumatic happens?... well, apparently that's how my mind felt about the cold. It's been in the single digits, and then with the wind chill, it goes below... that's Coooooold. But, it doesn't stop me from getting some fresh air every now and again. The other day I challenged myself to step out of the house for a half an hour walk. Of course I brought along my camera. The one thing I don't like right now, is how white everything is. Occasionally, I saw some pops of colors, and HAD to photograph them. But for now, celebrate the "white" with me... Celebrate Winter.

What does it look like on your part of the world during the winter time?
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  1. Having just been part of our 3rd blizzard in a month and my fourth snow day in three weeks, I appreciate the reminder that winter should be celebrated! I am normally a huge fan, but am over all the shoveling and running out of space to put the snow. Oh, Boston...
    Your photos are beautiful!

  2. Wow... what gorgeous photos! My part of the world (Minnesota) is looking a whole like like your part of the world right now. Snow, snow, snow!