Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life Book

Part of preparing yourself, your home, and just keeping busy during the adoption "wait" time, they tell you recommend that you create a "Life Book" for your little one(s)... It's inevitable, one day our little one(s) are going to have questions. Questions of where they came from, who they came from, etc. Life books are looked at as being the "bridge to your child's beginnings". It's celebrating your child's past, as well as their future... and you all know I'm all about CELEBRATING! Every tiny piece of information/detail you have for them, is precious.

So tonight, I started to put together a book.. okay, I just worked on the cover... but, I'll be getting to the inside (especially journaling while we're on vacation). I'll be using some scrapbooking techniques/skills to get the pages to look all spiffy and what not, but I think the fun part will be filling in all the pages about our child's past. It's crazy to think that they are "more than likely" in their orphanage RIGHT now... that they have gone through something tragic to have brought them there. Most countries send referrals of children to waiting adoptive parents, but Ukraine doesn't work that way. A few weeks after our dossier is registered (ours will be on March 31), we will receive a letter/call from Ukraine telling us our "Appointment Date". That date will be the day that we will meet with the State Director of Adoptions in Ukraine and they will lay in front of us who they feel meets our needs, wants, desires, etc. Crazy isn't it? This is where total trust in God comes into play... because without it, I can see how MANY couples would worry over this part. But in the end, HE is in control... how awesome is that? (If we come home with a boy, that is TOTALLY God, because we have our hopes set on a girl...but honestly, we'll be happy either way! Might have to do a TON of redecorating... but I can handle that!)

Here's a sneak peek of some of the bedding that I'm working on.

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  1. That bedding is adorable! I have no doubt that Hod has already chosen your precious child.

  2. I'm an adoptive mother AND I have grown kids living in Ukraine right now. I'm so excited for you .... adoption is quite an adventure. My daughter in Ukraine wants to start a project as soon as it warms up a little there: Color Ukraine. She says it's so drab and dark and gloomy ... playground equipment is wooden and old, etc. Everythiing is just another shade of gray. She wants to get volunteers together and just go paint things. Anyway, thoughts are with you.

  3. I'm so excited for you and no doubt that God has his plan for you. :-) love the life book and bedding! Adorable!

  4. ooo. I want to see more!! NOW!! Super cute.

  5. So cute! Great job! I love that you are getting your life book going now. Our son has been home with us for over 4 months and I keep meaning to get it started.... :)