Monday, January 24, 2011

More Sneaks...

I have been having so much fun putting some projects together for our "soon-to-be" little one's room... and I have a couple more sneaks for you, before I do a reveal of the bedding... Man, seriously... if we bring home boys, they're either going to love all this pink, or I'm in trouble! I also was at our base's thrift store a few weeks ago (man it feels like just the other day), and found this awesome snap jar that fits with my color scheme perfectly! Hmm... what to put inside it?

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  1. Aw so sweet! Lol I'm going to laugh if you bring home boys. (in a good way though!) I love that snap jar!

  2. God has a way of humbling us in the funniest ways...just saying :o) Love you guys!!! ~Tini