Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Roll-Ups

The other day, I sewed up some of these lovelies for the shop, and I listed them a few minutes ago. Crayon rolls are SO much fun, and they make perfect birthday gifts for all of our "little" friends. I made a few "boy" and a few "girl" and there's even one that I would say is for either!
Thankfully my sewing machine let me finish them, before it decided it was DONE with me. Having some issues with my bobbin case. I tried to act like Mac Gyver (and glue gunned a piece that needed some extra length on it-the piece was completely worn down to almost nothing).... but it seems as though glue wears off just as quickly! It was only a temporary fix... so it looks like I'll have to order a new part.

In the meantime, I'll be busy painting, organizing, and CLEANING...since I won't have a sewing machine to distract me!

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  1. These are absolutely darling! Thought I'd introduce myself and follow. :)

  2. girl!! these photos are super fantastic!! i think i'll have to buy a few rolls for my nephew once he is a little bit older!! :)