Monday, January 24, 2011

Paper Tape

While I was out with some of my favorite ladies the other night (Friday to be specific) we did a little shopping. Low and behold...guess what I found? Yup, Korea's version of Japanese Washi Tape... except, it was WAY wider... and just as cute. I picked up 3 different rolls, and might have to go back for more. I LOVE to use this stuff to package up my products, and to use in crafts, and to decorate birthday gifts... their are endless possibilities when paper tape is involved!

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  1. I must know where you found these!

  2. I love patterned tape - these are lovely. I love that cute floral and gingham one on the right especially!

  3. *gasp* I love these!! I didn't know there's such thing as CUTE tape :)