Thursday, January 13, 2011

Scrub a dub dub...Tutorial

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of meeting up with a bunch of moms, from our church's, "MOPS" group, ...first, before getting to the craft/recipe that we worked on at the end of our meeting... let me just say, that every time I see these ladies, I get more and more excited about becoming mom (I'm becoming a little impatient with this whole adoption! probably because we're nearing the end!!) They are a plethora of information, encouragement, and just an altogether blessing. If you are pregnant or have a toddler/pre-schooler, I totally recommend you searching out for aMOPS group in your area! You'll be set for this whole motherhood thing when you are part of such an amazing support group... and God will totally bless your time you have with them (and vice versa).

For this month's meeting's craft, we created homemade/natural "Sugar Scrubs"... I received the recipe from a sweet friend and fellow mom from our MOPS group, but I'msure there are plenty of recipes out there.For the most part, I had almost every single item in my house, and only had to pick up a few things (the essential oils!) Here in Korea, we battle crazy amounts of humidity during the summer, but for some odd reason in the winter it is CRAZY DRY! It KILLS my skin... I have scratches over my legs from all the itching, and I just can't seem to moisturize my skin with lotion, enough! When I made a test batch before our meeting, I tried out the scrub in the shower, and it worked wonders...

To start off, you need to gatheryour ingredients: 1/2 c. of olive oil, 5 drops (or a drizzle) of Vitamin E oil, 20 drops of an essential oil: jasmine, lavender and orange, orange and lemon, peppermint and spearmint (the options are endless-unless you live in Korea...they're a little more limited here!), 1 c. of sugar (does it surprise you that this is the main ingredient?) and some sort of vessel to hold the scrub.

First thing (that worked best for me), I mixed all of the "wet" ingredients together... Next, I slowly added the cup of sugar and stirred at the same time. It'll turn into this clumpy mixture, but that's exactly how it's supposed to look. If it looks too smooth, you've added either too much oil, or not enough sugar... so add more sugar to thicken it up, until you have a clumpy consistency. And that's it! You have a sugar scrub... I personally wouldn't use this on my face (as the oil count is pretty high), but I did scrub on my arms/elbows, and legs while in the shower, and it was fabulous!

I did create labels (with the ingredients) for the ladies to stick on the outside of the container, that way, if they were giving them away as gifts, the receiver would know what it is (and not to eat it!) and also, so that they could create more! Feel free to copy and save image below, and use for your own use (but

Another option (for all you coffee drinkers and addicts like me!) add some of your fresh coffee grinds, for a zingy aroma! And there you have it, a simple, easy peesy Sugar Scrub! If it wasn't for the fact that it had to be a "costly" craft, I would probably have opted for an acrylic container with an acrylic spoon, or possibly even a mason jar version of this scrub! I'm thinking they would look absolutely adorable that way, for birthday gifts, teacher's appreciation presents, Mother's Day gifts, etc.

If you create one, I'd LOVE to hear what oils you used, and how it turned out (pictures would be AWESOME!) You can e-mail me at:

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  1. Since I'm going to the states soon,I will be testng this out :)