Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shopping Conundrums...

The air here is CRAZY dry... remember how I said I've been so itchy lately in this post? Well, I finally gave in to my hubby's plea for a humidifier. Yes, it might have been because I was starting to wake up with nose bleeds and sore throats, and yes because I was sick of hearing him complain of a sore/dry throat... So off I went to the Korean version of Walmart, "HomePlus", and as I stood in front of the humidifiers in the electronics section, I was plagued by the lack of choices/options I had. I could either spend over 100+ dollars (or in the case, it would be 145,000 Korean won) and have a "normal" looking humidifier... or I could spend 50.00 on one that would do the same job as the other, but was lacking in the aesthetics department...or rather, was overkill on the aesthetics. What was I to do? Since we're trying to save a little (you know, for the adoption and all), I just HAD to go with the cheaper of the two. So, we are now the proud owners of this gorgeous humidifier... Be jealous friends.. be very very jealous...

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  1. ooooh, i love it! is it cool or warm steam? our warm steam humidy has made such a difference this winter.

  2. If you need a second one i have a normal looking one I will be giving away for free in three weeks before I might want it...especially with kids

  3. i think it's kind of cute! and so korea!