Monday, January 03, 2011

Underlying Warmth

For those that don't know me, I'm a barefoot queen... hate socks, tights, anything that constricts my feet! So when winter comes around, usually my feet are not "happy". However, thanks be to Koreans and their genius ways of heating their homes- HEATED FLOORS! No vents to pour hot air down on you, no radiators making funny noises in the middle of the night... my feet couldn't be any happier- I can run barefooted all over the house as much as I want!

Okay, I lie, there might be someone happier than my feet about the heated floors...

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  1. heated floors?!?! that is GENIUS!! i need that in my house... sooo bad~!! and your kitten... is soooooooo cute! you took some GREAT pictures!! oh man, do you get bibimbap and bulgogi and kimchi all the time??? i would LOVE to go to korea one day and try those there, mmmm!!

  2. What lens did you shoot these photos with? (S)He's beautiful!

  3. Karen, I love all of the photos of Runyan! What a cutie! Please keep posting pix of him.