Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DIY: Birdie Garland Tutorial

I spent most of last night, folding up tiny bits of square shaped paper to make tons of these beauties. Origami "nearly" got the best of me... Lets just say my fingers are feeling numb today... I made 14 total for an idea I had to spruce up one of the windows in our "soon to be" little one 's room. I mean, what else is a gal to do, when faced with a rental house, an extremely bare window (minus the roll up shade), not wanting to drill holes in the wall (to hang up curtains), and beautiful window molding that cannot be covered by curtains? Not to mention a flock of birds? That's right... create a birdie garland!

First things first... start folding! You can find directions on how to make these lovelies here. There are also youtube videos, for those that need a little more help, like I did. There's especially one part of the folding process that's a toughy...but don't let it defeat you!

Find some twine/string you have lying around the house, some pushpins, a darning needle, and have the glue gun on "standby"...

Thread your big darning needle with some twine, or any string you have lying around the house... and start threading the birds on the twine... from the neck, through the body, out the tail...

Uh-Oh... do you have Kamikaze birds that like to take a nose dive like mine? Then the hot glue gun will be your best friend.

Just add a "dollop" of hot glue to the string, and to the "under flap" of the bird's wing (to weigh it down) and it should help them "fly"... (It's okay to let some of them "dive"... gives a fun look to the garland.. and personally, I think I would be one of the birds in the flock to fly upside down, just 'cause)...

Watching them take flight makes the hours of paper folding totally worth it!

Another idea... is to just display them. Have fun placing them on a shelf, or even clipping them to open backed frame.

Please send some photos over my way if you make a lovely birdie garland... I'd LOVE to see: kdaviscreates@yahoo.com
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  1. Oh Karen they are so cute! What a wonderful idea! I LOVE them in the frame with the clothes pin! Adorable!

  2. omg these are sooo cute girl!! you are soo talented! love all the pretty paper!!

  3. You are SO CREATIVE!!! I love it! They are super cute! :)

  4. I love this!!! Especially the frame one. I have a bunch of paper cranes that I've been looking to display in unique ways, so this is seriously perfect!

  5. OMGoodness!! K, those are so cute!! When is your little one arriving??

  6. They are gorgeous! Love them!


  7. Fun and original! I bet it would work with other origami shapes too... I'm not talented enough to make a birdie. lol

  8. love it!

  9. This is adorable! Such a cute idea for a little ones room.