Monday, January 31, 2011


I shared with you all the "Crazy Mess" that I make in my sewing room on this post, but since then, I've done a little cleaning. Eventually I'll share with you/reveal what my sewing room/place of creativity looks like, but for now, I want to share some very important clipboards withyou. I hang 4 on the wall that's right next to my sewing machine. I call these my "Inspiration Boards"... I try and change them out every season...or every few months. Amidst the cleaning I swapped out my "inspiration" and here's what I have on them right now.

First two boards: 1."Stitch" magazine- I know it's an oldie... if you love to sew, this magazine is a MUST for you. It's still up on one of my boards, because there are 2 more patterns I'd like to try out before retiring the magazine. 2. Some embroidery that I have been working on. I LOVE dandelions when they are ready to be "blown"!

Last two boards: 3. Some sweet lyrics from Plain White T's, "Rhythm of Love"... such a fun song to sew to, and not tomention it's the month of LOVE! 4. a FREE printable from sweet "Oh, Sweet Joy's" blog... there are a couple different styles, but I LOVED the color on this one, and this saying is something I definitely need to practice more often.

Everything is starting to have a "Home" in my room... a little sneak at how the cleaning/organizing is coming along.
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  1. Wow... looks great! I really love the clipboard inspiration idea :)

  2. That dandelion stitch is beautiful!!!